• Hello all….
    next week we (me and 5 others) will be playing the AA for the first time.  Just wondering which start is better and why?



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    What is your history with A&A games??? Oh BTW, what is your location???

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    Play 41 first , because it starts with Barbarossa (and 41 is before 42).

  • some of us have played a lot 25 years ago…

    we all got together and added a few friends and played the original 1980 version once…everyone loved it so we got this one…first game is next week…

    located in South East Michigan…

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    Lucky us, I live in South West Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI), and I have been playing off and on since the game came out.

    It’s good to know there are more Michigan players out there.

    Welcome to the A&A dot org community. 8-) 8-) 8-)

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    42 will give you more of the “typical” A&A scenario (Germany starts deep in Russia, Japan is at its historical apex, etc.).

    41 will give you a new experience, where the Axis haven’t really started expanding yet, but are tremendously strong compared to the Allies.

    If you’re all around the same skill level, play 42. If you have a mix of stronger and poorer players, play 41 with Objectives Off and have the stronger players take the Axis. Axis are stronger in AA50 but harder to play, so the learning curve should be enough to keep the stronger players on their toes.

    Good luck with your game!

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