• I dont understand artillery.  I understand that it will improve one inf to attack at 2……but does the artillery get a role as well?  If so, why would you every buy inf, not just all artillery?

    I thought that art was there only to improve the inf, but after reading the directions, it sounds like art gets a roll as well…this makes no sense too me…of course I havent played the game yet so maybe it will…anyway, can someone please explain how art works…


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    artillery attack on a 2 inf on a 1. If you have an artillery and a inf both attacking the inf gets boosted to 2. 1 arty can only boost 1 inf

    Inf and arty defend at 2 by themselves. Inf are cheaper. You need inf for defense as well as for the attack bonus. You also need inf for cannon fodder and blockers.

    Once you get some arty just buy inf to replace your losses and try and maintain a 1:1 ratio. If on defense you probably want more of a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio. Depends on your situation. If you’re really under pressure a lot of people will go all inf for max defense.

    I’ve always liked to be able to do small counterattacks when possible though. It’s nice to have a couple planes so you can at least do some minor counterattacks.

    Best thing is to set it up and give it a go : )

    you might want to read through the after action reports a couple threads above you. probably some good info there for ya

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