Merchant of pain's black market arms trade…:-)

  • merchant_of_pain’s weapons cache:

    hi im from the philippines n im willing to trade or sale my figs:
    if u want any of the figs pls pm or email me ur offer n i’ll get back to u as soon as i can…

    dnt wori if its for trade i’ll be the one to send first!

    my figs:
    1 flakpanzer IV wirbelwind (sealed) contested skies
    1 vigilant lieutenant (sealed)
    1 red army forward observer (sealed)
    1 stuG III ausf D (sealed)
    1 r-2 Lt-35 (sealed)
    1 jagdpanther (sealed)
    1 ss-panzer IV ausf f2 (sealed)
    2 panzer II flamingo (sealed)
    2 panzer Iv ausf g (sealed)
    2 panzer IIi ausf f  (sealed)
    1 jagdpanther  (sealed)
    2 sd kfz 222    (sealed)
    2 m4a1 sherman (sealed)
    1 type 2 ka-mi (sealed)
    1 snlf captain (sealed)
    1 imperial sniper (sealed)
    1 pak 40 (sealed)
    1 snlf paratrooper (sealed)
    1 piat gunner (sealed)
    1 cossack captain (sealed)
    1 kumintang officer (sealed)
    1 3" gun m5 (sealed)
    1 screaming eagle captain (sealed)

    if u nid some infantries from set I or II just mention it on the pm or email…and we’ll see if we can make a deal on them …

    my needs:
    1 churchill crocodile (better if its sealed) (priority)

    1 Is-2 model 1944 (priority)

    1 cromwell IV (priority)

    1 king tiger

  • I have an extra IS-2 that I could trade you but, it’s been opened. Both the piece and the card are in mint condition.

    I need the following:

    flakpanzer IV wirbelwind
    red army forward observer
    ss-panzer IV ausf f2

    Let me know if we can make a deal. 8-)

  • i have a king tiger and churchill, they are opened but in mint comdition.
    i would like 3 rares for it.

  • How much do you want for the 2 M4A1 Shermans and the Screaming Eagle Captain???

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