• So last night my son and I played a full game of D-day. Both of us are disappointed in the game over all and don’t have any plans to play it again. As we played a few things stood out to us,

    A- Planes are pretty useless (understand this is for balance)
    B- No way to hold the allies at the beach(which is historical and we understand)
    C- Germans can start reinforcing St Lo and they can’t lose.
    D- There are lots of areas that are pointless to move to as the allies

    I understand we may be wrong about the above list and we should try the game a few more times but we both thought it was hands down the worst AA game (or any board game) we have played so I don’t think it will be played anymore.

    How about you guys
    Do you like the game?
    Is it a game you play much?

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    i like this one personally.  holding the allies or getting them to waste time on the upper left of the board is balanced against the rule that they pretty much have to annihilate you to capture the vcs.  the allied and axis tanks and artillery have different roles, and the game is quick

    i disagree the planes are useless, the germans have to be really cagey about how they place aaa 88s and if theyre not, theyre paralyzed.  early on those planes have to live, if most are dead by midgame its huge for axis.  Jon

  • This game is my favorite of all small theater games.
    Ive played like 4 different ways.

    You try playing with the 3 rule changes to game ?

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    I don’t think you are using the planes correctly.

    They are by far the most devastating weapon in the allied arsenal.

  • Agree about the comments concerning aircraft. If used properly, they can make life miserable for Jerry.

  • Germany definitely has a bit of an edge, but when played right (i.e. using the air power correctly) it’s not impossible for the Allies to win, or at least be competitive. My dad and I have been playing this one again fairly regularly, and we’ve had several extremely close games (coming down to the last two turns, and often seeing where specific tactical mistakes tipped things in favor of the Axis rather than dice rolls/inherent imbalance). We just recently played one that came down to two German tanks clinging on to St. Lo, thanks to me (Allies) panicking over Caen and diverting a few too many American tanks, for example. The Allies have less margin for error, but it’s by no means insurmountable.

    When I first got this game when I was younger I initially thought it was heavily unfair, but I had missed the 8 unit per side stacking limit in the rulebook. Once that was implemented, the games got a good bit closer and more interesting. Though Battle of the Bulge is still my favorite theater game, I still enjoy this one a lot. I also find it’s a good one to get newbies introduced to the A&A combat system. Since the reinforcements are predetermined, and the turns are kept track via cards (plus the very doable 2-3 hour playtime), new players (or those unfamiliar with even light wargames) don’t get quite so overwhelmed by all the choices a regular A&A game presents. Because of this, aside from my Revised and 1942 editions, D-Day is probably the one that’s gotten the most use on the table, though oh do I wish I could find more people willing to play Bulge. :-(

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    I actually think D Day is the best small theater game they made. Three things I love about this game. 1) You can finish a game in less than 90 minutes then change sides and play again. 2) The rule card system makes it so easy to learn and play. 3) Either side can win and it is not unusual for it to come down to the last Turn (basically Turn 9) where the Allies are trying to get that 3rd city and close out the Germans while the Germans try to save just one last unit in that same 3rd city.

    Except for the old Pacific game I can not think of another Axis and Allies game that frequently comes down to the end with either side being able to win. Usually in other games they are contentious for a period of time than one side gains an advantage, and builds on that advantage, until the other side simply has no chance and surrenders. While not an Axis and Allies game, Fortress America (1986), made by Milton Bradley as one of the Gamemaster series as Axis and Allies was (1984), also has that great feel of tension and stress coming down to the last Turn to see who wins or losses.

    As for game play the Allied air force is a huge tour de force if used properly. In the early and mid game Bombers should knock out undefended tanks and even go for lone artillery. Late game use them to whittle down the side of the board where the Allies need the most help. In the early and mid game Fighters should be used to interdict reinforcement areas. A German renforcement should never be able to move without getting shot at unless the Axis deploys major AA cover fire. Late game fighters should stack the lasts surviving city to keep the Germans from reinforcing it. It is very painful to have four fighters shoot at every reinforcement you are trying to bring into a city.

    The strategic logistic difficulties are what makes the game fun. The Allies have to balance their attack on all three cities. Send too much into one area and then one bad die roll will finish you off quickly. The Germans have to fight efficiently and preserve their units; especially tanks to hold that one last city. DO NOT try and fight for the beaches, Force the the Allies to come inland then outmaneuver them and hit them where they are weakest.

    I love this game.

  • Did u use just the one basic set of cards ?
    You pretty much hit it on the head with your post.
    I’ve been playing with my d8 hit dice with basic 1 set of cards. I’ve added 6 tiger tanks and swapped out 6 regular tanks. Basic set of cards favors the allies. Last game US reinforcements from t8 and 9 never made it to St Lo.
    Germany tried to attack the Utah beachhead area to slow down allies but got diced a bit and planes helped. So that looks like a no no.
    But stacking planes in city helped for the win.
    We played a lot with the other cards but it seem so annoying to roll a d6 to see if u got a good or bad fortune like a 1 or a 6 roll. 2 things with those cards. Allies not getting to land or move.
    There was a card with by rolling a 1 u got a fig back. Roll a 6 u lost 1. So that was a 16% swing either way. Now what I’m going to do is when figs return only card is played u roll a d8 and a 1 is receive a fig back lost or roll a 8 you lose a fig. That’s a 12% chance either way.If this makes it go either way to one side I’ll use a d12.
    With d8 u get a chance to get a few more pieces on map sooner for allies and if allies lose a plane or 2 early hoping to have a good fight on t8 and 9 for St Lo.

  • @SS-GEN Just the basic Order cards. No Tactic or Fortune cards. Our play group tends to minimize the randomness of the games we play. For example we almost never use Technology in any game that it is an optional rule. The dice already make the game randomized, do not need to make it even more adding the Tactic and Fortune cards.

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    Ya depends on what you have for tech and how it’s used in your game. Keep it weak.
    We love the randomness in games based on weather, supplies, morale and etc…
    Changes every game a bit and you have to adjust which it did really happen.
    Planes shouldn’t win all the battles most of the time. So I always adjust planes in any game.
    But I’ll stop so this doesn’t go off topic to far.

    I’m assuming you were the guy in other post talking about tech and Big Al having best right ?

  • @SS-GEN said in Little disappointed in D-Day:

    I’m assuming you were the guy in other post talking about tech and Big Al having best right ?

    Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about so it was not me.

  • Ok. Thanks

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    End of turn 9. Axis win.
    Came down to allies lost 5 figs and bombers only hit like 15%. A lot of bomber attacks where in pairs against tanks. So Ave would be 1 kill but not this game. Bombers only had like 3 or 4 hits the whole game. That hurt big time.

    Turn 8 allies had 7 defense hits to clean out St Lo but on turn 9 the figs didn’t get good move hits on axis and couldn’t clear out St Lo turn 9 in combat rounds.
    Allies are a bit stronger in this game. As mentioned above Ger art placements are key ( killed 5 figs most early )and mid turn allies fig placements can be challenging due to so many Ger zones to cover.
    Germany may of had a chance for Caen but,
    UK Gold beach units and so on have to go towards St Lo. Just watch the Germans on the back side.

    I did use the on fig return card u rolled a d8 die.
    1 = lose a plane
    8 = get a plane back
    Rolled a 1 once and next turn rolled a 8 so ends up 1 fig couldn’t get used 1 turn.

    And that’s that !

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    This post is deleted!

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