• I’ve recently finished compiling and documenting a set of 3-D rules for Axis & Allies Miniatures that my group has been playtesting for some time now. All modified rules along with pictures from several of our games are available at:


    The basic premise for the ruleset is 2" conversion, in other words 1 hex = 2" on the 3-D terrain. Everything else follows from that.

    Please take a look if you are interested. I’d appreciate any comments or questions anyone might have, as we continue to refine the rules every time we play and the more input we get the better.


  • looks really sweet.  good work

  • It’s nice too see I’m not the only one working on a 3-D version of the rules for this game. It’s looking pretty good. The thing I like about the A&AM is that they’re close enough to the 15mm scale that all those companies that make terrain for WWII 15mm historical games can be used for this game too. So it’s almost a natural progression to want to play this game in 3-D.


    I’m curious as to where you read that tank ramming was a tactic used in WWII. The only time I’d heard people mention that tactic used was a fanciful retelling of the Battle of Kursk, and that was proven to be exactly that: a fanciful retelling (and one with no basis in history). But if you know of other historical battles where this was practiced, fill a brother in. Please. I could use information like that!



  • Excellent question.  I do not have any historical evidence of widespread tank vs. tank ramming, and I don’t really expect that it went on.  I included the rule more for sake of gameplay with non-armored vehicles (jeeps, halftracks, etc.) The rule represents a sort of last ditch option available to a player with nothing left but jeeps who is trying to face down a tank.  I’ve people ask to be able to ram on a number of occasions, so I decided to come up with a rule for it.  The attack itself is pretty anemic (need 6’s to hit) so I can’t think of why a tank would ever choose to ram another vehicle instead of using it’s short/medium range armor attack roll instead.  Now a jeep, on the other hand, really wouldn’t have any other attack against a light tank.  With the ram you might be able to damage a tank, but you are certainly going to destroy your jeep trying.  Let me know if you end up using the rule and if it works for you or not.

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