Painting 3D Printed Pieces?

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    I recently ordered some game pieces from Shapeways. Since the process for creating these differs from your typical moulded plastic pieces, I’m wondering if it’s still necessary to wash them with warm, soapy water before painting. Do I need to treat them differently in any way, before or during the painting process?

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    They should not need to be washed, as that process is generally to rid plastic pieces of mold release agents and the like, which are not present in 3d printed pieces.

    With my home 3d printed parts I’ve just sprayed them with primer and painted from there.

  • I would only put one light coat of primer on them. You can lose a lot of detail especially on Shapways pieces. Take some masking tape,roll up a piece with the sticky side out. Stick to spraying surface and place the pieces on top. This will hold the pieces in place,and allow you to spray all sides at once. Good luck

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    If you use Testor’s enamel, no need to prime.  I’ve got sets of Hawker Hurricanes, Spitfire Mk 1a’s, and ME-109E’s painted up with enamels and dull coated.  No problems at all.

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    Thanks for all the responses, folks - exactly what I needed to hear.

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