• When WaS came out I bought a lot of stuff and the local store played a lot of games, like most things over time it faded and the stuff got shelved. Then when I sold my miniature game stuff WaS was one of the few games I keep because I enjoyed it so much and hoped one day to teach my kids. Well last week my youngest son was going thru the basement looking for board games and he found my WaS box.

    We set out everything on our gaming table and  started playing a few games. I can’t find my map I made so will have to make a new one but no big deal. But playing I have noticed with 2 or 3 people drawing from one collection we don’t have enough ships. I have looked but the price of WaS are kinda nuts I think I’m going to buy some normal WW2 ships and just paint them myself. Guessing I could find all the ship cards online and if I keep with ships WaS has it would be easy to add more ships.

    This got me thinking does everyone stick with the WaS ships or have others branched out too?

  • I think the easiest and least expensive way for you to add more ships would be to use similarly-scaled vessels from either Panzerschiffe or Navwar…



    …and paint them.  Unlike the A&A WaS miniatures, the minis from both companies are still in production, so you won’t pay a collector’s premium for them.  The Panzerschiffe ships have the advantage of being cheaper to get (they’re made of resin, and the company is US-based), while the Navwar ones are more detailed and are made of metal.  There’s also GHQ (http://www.ghqmodels.com/), whose models are even more detailed, if that’s a consideration for you.

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