• I’m not trying to whine, but does anyone else agree that the King Tiger, the Easy Eight, and the Joseph Stalin really suck the fun out of a game? These games turn into slugging matches, pure and simple. I really just think they need to a little off the top, especially for us bad dice rollers (me…).

  • Not at all. People who take any of those have most of their points thrown into one vehicle. So you’ll outnumber it easily, and when they lose it they have nothing left on the field. And they aren’t invincible, these tanks… just nasty. And who knows what Contested Skies will do for us who often fall victim to nasty tanks.



  • not at all.  its so easy to take down big tanks, if you have just troops to do it.  king tigers as big as they are, still have a weakness.  I play 300 point games all the time and we see IS-2, King tigers,  tiger 1, and easy 8 and they go down just as sweet as the next tank

  • I agree with GrimJesta.  If you suffice quantity for quality to an extreme, you are just asking to get surrounded.  Especially considering that the stronger tanks can’t move as far.

  • I’d agree with Grim- if your opponent goes with the super nasty 7/7 tank, swarm it with Stuarts, anti-tank soldiers and anti-tank guns- numbers will pay off eventually for you, and he can only kill one unit/turn with the Mega-Tank.

  • I’d hardly call it unfair.

    You’re tying up a lot of points in a single unit that generally isn’t very mobile.  Defence 6 isn’t all that hard to disrupt, and once disrupted they go down fast.  T-70s are one of my favourite units for this. Speed 5 (or 6 if you can zip along part of a road) can easily outflank a King Tiger or Tiger I. Their dice may not be spectacular, but they can get the job done. You may lose a couple in the process, but that hardly matters.  Meanwhile you’ve at the very least kept his “uber” tank busy the rest of your units secure the objective away from whatever units he used his leftover points on.

    Also, one shouldn’t put the Easy Eight anywhere near the same category as the rest of the heavy tanks. At best it’s a heavily armoured medium tank.

    As for the IS2 you don’t even have to waste time trying to outflank it.

  • Yeah check out the pershing and the MGC, there goes the axis fun. Those bitches are amazing. PEACE

  • @grandmastafargus:

    Yeah check out the pershing and the MGC, there goes the axis fun. Those bitches are amazing. PEACE

    I bought four Set 3’s and got 2 Pershings.  So much for dominating the western tank war.  heh

  • @grandmastafargus:

    Yeah check out the pershing and the MGC, there goes the axis fun. Those bitches are amazing. PEACE

    the MGC isn’t all that great.  a rear defense of 3 just blows.  one stuka dropping down will take it out without even second guessing.  but the pershing, yea that tanks amazing.  only 1 die off of the KT the thing packs a punch

  • The M26 Pershing is just a more expensive (and worse) American version of the Tiger I; losing overrun and -0/-1/-0 vs vehicles for 2 points more and +2/+2/+1 vs infantry.  For 3 points more I find the IS-2 much better in standard games, as the extended range doesn’t matter and 7/7 defence makes it immune to most regular infantry, and even some AT infantry have trouble with it. While the IS-2 has -1/-1/-0 AI, it gains +1/+1/+0 AT.

    I’ve found the MGC has a good attack and is fast, but is very vulnerable; which is about what a US Tank Destroyer should be. I don’t use it, but I don’t think it’s terrible.

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