Axis & Allies at ORIGINS & GEN CON 2018

  • To ALL,

    Origins is just a week and half away, while GEN CON is 59 days away!

    At this time, I am getting quite a few questions, mainly from first time convention goers regarding event registration.

    The most important one is, You can not register for an event unless you or someone you know has purchased a badge in advance.  You may also purchase badges and tickets for friends and family members as long as they are part of your friends list through the registration process.

    Origins: No need to worry about events selling out.  The only 2 events that have sold out are Black Orchestra and War Room.  The rest still have plenty of event tickets available for you to purchase.

    Origins Event Notes:
    War at Sea League Tournament (all listings): these were listed incorrectly and there will be a slight change in event rules at the CON.  IKUSA 4955 event on Saturday is a Tournament and not listed as such.

    Also at ORIGINS, I have been informed that the gaming Hall has moved since the renovation of the Convention Center.  Soon as I find out more details of where we will be located, I will pass it along…

    GEN CON: This is not the case for GEN CON.  ALL, the Black Orchestra and War Room events sold out in day 1 of registration.  And there are a number of other events Sold Out as well such as: IKUSA, 1914, 1941, G42 and more… And many others are on the verge of selling out.  So, don’t delay in registering for events and check back on the GEN CON website for updates on specific events.

    That is it for now.  Let me know if you have any questions. :?

    Gregory J. Smorey � EO/GM
    GEN CON, Origins, Spring Gathering

  • Anyone playing Axis and Allies at Gen Con 2018?
    Would appreciate any posts, photos or videos of the event

  • Thanks Greg for another awesome year for Axis & Allies at Gencon!  Your efforts and the efforts of your colleagues have done wonders for this community.

  • '14 Customizer

    Had a great time Greg, hope to make it next year.

    Go Steelers 🙂

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