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Beginner's Strategy Handouts?

  • I am trying to get a group of friends to start playing A&A and I was hoping that someone had created something similar to the old CSub Beginner’s Strategy Guides updated/changed to reflect A&A 1941 rules/map.  I just love the simple straightforward way they put everything you needed to know to get going on a single sheet of paper.

    Anyone see anything like that or have any interest in helping me, a newbie myself, update the originals?

    Here is an example of what I am speaking of:


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    I for one am unaware of such a guide Mordineus.

    Good luck with your friends.

  • Well, I guess I will start revising these myself.

    I would really, REALLY enjoy some suggestions as to some turn one strategies.

    Anyone have some suggestions for what everyone’s first round purchases should be ?

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    Guess it depends on the plan, but for me typically:

    R nearly always infantry
    G generally 1 tank and 2 inv
    UK - perhaps 2 inv (always build a unit in India + protect the bomber in the UK from G air attack) and save the rest for a future naval build
    J - either a transport if going for the islands or grouhd units to push through China for the Caucasus
    US - 2 destroyers

  • well, here is a first take on Russia.  It was both the first one, and as it has the fewest options, perhaps the simplest one:


  • We met and played yesterday, with some very incomplete versions of these that I slapped together.

    They were appreciated and at least got them thinking in an analytical way about the game.  I also think it helped them to quantify what the variables are to play.

    I don’t know if they will be of use to anyone else, but here they are:


    The game was a hit, so I am hoping to make this a regular event.

    Once again, if anyone has any feedback on how to make these better, please let me know.


  • For a while, 1941 was the first and only game of A&A I owned, and I tried going deep into it with strategies, variant setups and all that stuff. It really doesn’t work with this game, the mechanics are just too small. Sure you can have basic stuff like “Russia should occupy West Russia and buy Infantry,” or “Germany shouldn’t do Sea Lion,” strategies, but if you play it for the chess like strategies, then you’ll quickly get bored. And once you figure out that Japan’s only purpose in the game is to maybe take Moscow, the Pacific becomes extraordinarily boring.

    1941 is a fun game by its own terms; definitely offers a more realistic play time, and far easier to teach. However, if you’re looking for the type of game you can write strategy guides for, look into Anniversary Edition or 1942 Sec Edition if you haven’t already (or if you’re crazy like me, 1940 Global). 1942.2 is interesting because it’s a lot like this map (especially in Eastern Europe, the West Russia strategy holds true) except more detailed, but I’d say the Anniversary Edition is the superior of the two.

    Also, I have no idea where I found it, but I stumbled across a 1942 variant for this game if you’re interested.

  • To be fair, 1941s true purpose is to introduce new players to the basic mechanics of the A&A system and secondarily to offer a quick fix for more seasoned veterans, its never been intended to be the mainstay of a group of players or friends to play on a constant basis for the reasons you mentioned… there’s just no depth to this version.

    Prior to the rerelease of Anniversary, 1942.2 was meant to be the main game of the series for casuals (while Global was for the hardcore fans), but now I would say Anniversary would hold that spot as it is better balanced with more strategies available than 1942.2 without the massive time commitment of Global.

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