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What's a good axis strategy against an aggressive Russia?

  • I’ve been having problems as the axis against an aggressive Russia player who’s been successful.

  • 2016

    My bet would be on purchasing more infantry to not loose Panther too early and let T-34 being destroyed against German Infantry counter.
    Use aircraft with Infantry to conquer deadzoned TT due to Soviet counter and place most of Tank together with 2 or 3 Infantry buffer to deter any attack, let Soviet loosing momentum, by G3 or G4, he will fall back being unable to sustain 1:1 attrition with Germany.

  • 2018 2017 2016

    Accept some G1 (and possibly even G2) withdrawals. G has a lot more power than R, but it is not as focused. Any early G advances are likely to be punished. Instead consolidate those overwhelming G forces and then launch an unstoppable attack! 😄

  • If Russia is aggressive early,  they are probably buying tanks… a couple of easyfixes solved with your airpower advantage:

    1. kill his tanks… use infantry and fighter/bomber counter attacks to kill his tank stacks, if he counter attacks,  you only lose infantry for his tanks, an economic swing Russia can’t afford.

    2. in places you want to make your stand, use fighters for D… once again,  its going to hurt Russia trying to take fighter defended territories.

    An aggressive Russia only benefits Germany,  it will become more of a meat grinder than Russia  can afford… liberal use of the superior Luftwaffe killing Russian tank stacks and defending key territories will make Germany’s destruction of Russia even easier.

    Also, if the Allies are going all-out KGF, this will leave Asia open to Japan… have Japan ignore America and push hard and fast on Russia’s back door… Japanese tanks approaching Moscow from the east unopposed will make Russia think twice about an aggressive KGF strategy.

  • Disciplinary Group Banned

    I don’t know if this will help, but this is my tactic on the Russian front. If I’m Germany, or if I’m Russia I use the same tactic.

    I buy one fighter, and I buy infantry per turn.

    Good luck. 🙂

  • 2016

    Can you tell us a little more about what you mean? Exactly how aggressive is Russia playing? Are they buying mostly tanks? Are they stacking up in Karelia, or West Russia, or Ukraine, or what? What is the UK doing while this is happening? What do you like to buy as Germany on the first two turns, and where do you usually attack?

  • 2012

    SBR Russia.  They are industrially weal.  A few good raids and they start stumbling.


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