Spanish Civil War - Question re: lend lease to repair facility

  • Hey everyone. new to this game and to this forum.

    Just set the GW36 game up last night and thinking through strategies for the Spanish civil war (out of the box, not the expansion)

    As the Republicans I am thinking about using the medium bomber to hit the Nationalist naval base in Leon-Castille to shut down any lend lease from the Axis.

    My question is, if I hit the naval base for damage on the Republicans turn, and let’s say the Italians pay to fix it, does the fix happen when the Italians pay for it, or does it not happen until the Nationalists turn (which is technically Germany’s turn)?

    And, I think the real issue, is the naval base fully operational and capable of receiving lend lease on Germany’s next turn?

    Thanks for your help!

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    On page 28 of the manual, section 7.4 Repair-“All damage is immediately repaired upon payment.”

    On page 60, section 13.2 Axis Support- It states that both Germany and Italy can pay to repair Nationalist facilities.

    So technically Italy could repair the damage AND place a lend lease unit on the same turn that the Republicans damage it. Then Germany could place a unit on their next turn.  The result is that all you would be doing is taking up to 5 IPP from one of them for repairs. It might be a better idea to take a combat unit off of the Republicans if you have the opportunity. Good question though you made me go searching for the answer.

  • GHG, many thanks, I missed that reference in 7.4.

    In that case, then, I think technically the naval base would be repaired in the Italy place units phase, which I think is when lend leased IPP arrives in the target country (in this case, Nationalist Spain).

    Would Italy really be able to repair the facility and lend lease another unit? I thought a country could either lend lease IPP or a unit, not both?

    But, in any case, the naval base would be operational by Germany’s turn, so they could lend lease a unit right after the Italians patch up the naval base.

    Good stuff!

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    I think you’re probably right about doing one or the other. I can’t find anywhere that says that you can do both. I just thought that since you weren’t actually giving them any IPP’s (you were paying off damage), then perhaps you hadn’t lend leased yet. Maybe someone else can clarify that for us.

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    lend lease is one or the other. Money or in this case repairs, since you can’t send 1/2 of zero income, or a single unit of any type that the sender can build in its home country where the unit is built.

    It gets weird with multiple turn build items like ships or facilities each turn you continue lend leasing the same item until it’s complete. Example: A single battle ship takes 4 turns of lend lease by italy to spain. This must be started as a lend lease, not using something already in production by Italy. And is subject to interdiction on delivery the final turn its placed at an Italian Shipyard then delivered to the receiving port. Each turn this uses all Italian capacity for lend lease to spain.

  • Thanks RC!

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