Lelystad the Netherlands 29 September '18

  • 2017

    29 September 2018! Mark this date!

    We will have for the 3rd time an Axis & Allies event in Lelystad the Netherlands. The ambition is to have 3 tables! We will play A&A 1940 Global. If there are enough votes for an alternative version, one or more tables can swap to that version.

    So far, there are enough attendees to have the first table filled for a global game. Are you filling 2nd or 3rd?

    If you want to be sure to have a place, sign up before September! If you are later I will put you on the waiting list. In the current accommodation we can go up to 15 players. If more people sign up before September, we will find a larger accommodation!

    The cost for joining are 20 euro p.p… For this money you get drinks and a lunch. Dinner is not included.

    You can sign up by sending me a personal message.

    I hope to see you there!

    TripleA Xray and the local community

  • 2017

    Correction: we have 2 tables already! Who will fill the 3rd table?

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