• One of my friends has developed a great strategy for Japan…the only problem comes when I have to play against him. Could somebody please help me in developing a counter?

    His first turn, he attacks China for sure and E. USSR and India depending on what the USSR and UK do there before Japan’s turn. He also makes the obvious move and destroys the US fleet at Pearl. He ships more guys over from Japan (peacetime moves) and places his new units (which includes a factory on the center Japanese territory in E. Asia…I can’t recall its name). Due to the USSR being wrapped up fighting Germany, it makes defense against Japan nearly impossible because they can now ship units over from Japan as well as crank out 3 tanks per turn from that factory. Needless to say, the turns after he pushes up through Asia toward Moscow but making sure to send a unit or two down toward Africa to take Persia et al. and help out the Germans in N. Africa.

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    With Russia you need to slow himdown as much as possible by slowly with drawing and keeping just out of reach. While you do this Try to get as much American and British troups into Moscow as possible. The British and American Fighters are Important for this.

    Send a couple Infantry a turn to Novosbirsk and land your fighters there. If you consentrate on defending that territory with russian and Other allied troups you should be able to hold it long enough. It is important to anticipate Japans attacks and withdraw all but 1 Infantry to slow him down then you will be able to consolodate in Novo.

    The allies in Asia can do this as well. Move one Infantry from Sinkiang to Novo. If you know he is going to take India withdraw toward Novo.

    Try that and see if it stops him. If not I have other more complex Strats. 😉

  • With the Allies in Japan you’re only fighting a holding war. I’ve seen many Allied players make the mistake of being too aggressive and paying for it later. A orderly retreat like the one above is just to ticket.

  • Sounds like your Japan player is doing an awful lot on his 1st turn–that means his/her forces are spreading themselves quite thin. If you feel you can handle Germany, and Japan is the problem, designate either UK or USA to battle mainly Japan while the other fights Germany in Africa and by helping USSR. If UK, try TRing over INF from Syria/Iraq and/or Egypt T1 to India. Use the (remaining)Chinese to help. USSR should funnel over maybe 1 INF per turn to their Asian forces to build up a “wall”(as my friend puts it) in Yakut/S.F.E. With a minimum of effort you should be able to slow down the Japanese advance–always have a backup plan for anywhere the Japanese attack. When you are strong enough to avoid losing India for a turn, build a Complex there…

    The USA vs. Japan is even simpler, though slower to yield results. Lend a bit of a hand in Africa/Europe the first few turns, and start building up against Japan in the Pacific. Fighters, Carriers, TRs, BMRs and SUBs are good early-turn builds. Once you have them scared they will do 1 of 2 things: 1.) Try to ignore you, whereupon you will hit them with your planes/attack-ships and back up with your TRs/INF, or 2.) Build up their own fleet, which will slow their advance in Asia proportionally.

    Sounds like your Japan player may be overstretching in Asia and the Pacific a bit. Commit a few more forces against him/her T2 on and you may be surprised at the results…


  • try either: get russia attack manchuria, england attacks kwangtung with india. then US builds two IC in two pieces of china. US + UK has to fly fighters and transport man through white russia to help holding russia + China - this is kind of a remake of history - holding china at all cost.
    or you can do the UK one - russia retreats. UK retreat india to persia build IC there. (yes only one but better than nothing) then later build another one in egypt if you can like a middle east belt of IC to hold off germany + japan. US fights german + japan as well

  • um…doesn’t it seem odd that the japanese player is placing an IC AND units in the same territory T1? I’m pretty sure that you have to place the IC that turn and wait until a subsequent turn to place units in that territory

  • Yes, you do. But he never says that in his post: he just says he’s “moving more guys from Japan” which I guess means he’s using TRs to move more INF from Japan to the Continent, and placing an “IC on the middle Japanese territory” which must mean Kwangtung province…no placement of troops on a just-purchased IC mentioned…


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  • Yeah, that’s what I would like to see. USA fighting two seperate fronts at once. Who knows, if done correctly, USA can be quite the threat to both countries.

  • Really?! In my experience, if the Allies divide their focus then they are lost. Sure, the US can build up in the Pacific and worry the Japanese, but then they are allowing Germany to run roughshod over Russia - aren’t they?

    If I am playing Japan and I see that the US is massing a huge navy off California, my instincts would tell me to keep just enough of a navy in Japan to hold the US off, while Germany chokes the life out of Russia. By leaving Germany alone, the US allows Germany to go so wild in Eurasia that they can even start to relieve the Japanese pretty quickly, for instance in India. Germany can encircle Russia and penetrate deep into Asia with relative ease, long before the US becomes a serious threat to Japan in the Pacific. What do you guys think?

  • I have found that USSR taking Manchuria and the UK taking Kwantung (Transport from India) works the best. This almost always works, and if it does Japan only has one territory left on the contient. It also leaves India wide open, because the UK fighter would be in China.

    Remember that Japan will only have 1/3 of it’s contential army left. If they move into India have the united states attack either India or French Indo-China Burma, depending on which one is weaker. If you can pick apart Japan in small pieces then in my expearence you wont even need to buy an Industreal Complex.

    Yes Japan may land a few fighters in Burma but they aren’t in a really good postion to get aggressive.

    Also do what you can to use the Chinese American fighter and Indian British fighter to shoot down any Japanese fighters.

    If the US focuses in the Pacific then they can be sure to give aid to the Allied forces in Asia in a few rounds as well.

  • I play as Japan as much as possible, and I find that the best Allied strategy to attack Japan is for the Russians to move infantry into Persia and tanks to Novosibirsk while the British build an IC in India. Japan is forced into attacking India, but because of the Russian presence they may not be able to hold it. Russia can then invade India and retake it on the next turn, which in turn allows Britain to immediately place troops there next turn.

    I’ve seen Russia mass troops in Yakut SSR in order to threaten Manchuria, but that doesn’t work. Japan can simply leave just 1 infantry there in order to bait Russia to invade. Since Japanese air power is nearby and Japan most likely will have trnapsorts o nthe Sea of Japan, the Russians will simply be weakening their defences in Yakut for a measly 3 IPCs, which they will lsoe quickly once hte Japanese get into gear on the mainland.

  • E_G_,

    I like the sound of it, however . . .
    I take it, as Japan, your push is often to the south. Wouldn’t this allow the USSR a lot of extra IPC’s to throw @ Japan andGermany?
    As USSR, could you give an example of what your build would be for a few turns?
    I find myself amazingly cool toward the ridiculous idea of Soviet non-aggression. - Xi

  • Me, give a USSR strat? That’s one of my worst nightmares since I stink at USSR and Germany. I just always seem to make some fatal error but I’ll try to experiment and think something up for you, Xi.

  • Nevermind!
    This ol’ war horse may be put out to pasture soon. Found a fatal error in my gameplay(I guess it goes all the way back to the 3rd ed. rules(been playing 20 years -200 people and it never came up).
    Clop, clop, clip, clop, clop, clop, clip, clop, clop, clop, clip, clop (BANG!) . . . .THUD.-the late Xi

  • Usually I see RR, meaning the Russians can’t take a grab at Manchuria T1. So if UK tries to go on some offensive T1 with India, there is a sure chance that Japan can block your move (into Burma) and counter it. Once this happens, UK is completely vulnerable to attacks from both Japan and Germany the following turns. Germany, in particular, can cause all sorts of haywire in Africa (usually UK shifts out of India into Egypt to protect it’s Southern Front - but under Japan First, this can’t happen)

  • Yup,
    If (RR)UK hits KWA then it’s Dumbsville! Moving to protect AES with a strong force is a good move. Can not build as much but better protection!
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