[AA50] NOs as Victory Conditions

  • I wish to implement the NOs as additional options for victory.

    This would mean a certian number of VCs or NOs would be enough to win the game.

    I will post my ideas on this later, but I want to know other people’s ideas on this.

  • Here is one way to do this:

    The goal of the game is to hold 19 victory points at the end of a round (after US turn).

    Each VC held is worth one point and each NO currently completed is worth one point with the following exceptions:

    • For any NO that says “at least one of the following” a point is gained for each of the territories listed.

    • The USSR’s NO that is worth 10 IPCs is worth two points.

    (The exceptions ensure an equal number of points can be gain from NOs for each side.)

    In the 1941 scenario (for which these rules are made)
    The Allies would start with 17 victory points
    The Axis would start with 8 victory points (If Japan takes Philippine Islands the Axis would have 10 and the Allies 15)

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    Funny how this looks familiar. VC points.

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