• I need some clarificattion on SBRs.

    If I am doing a Strategic Bombing Raid and send fighters as escorts and the enemy chooses not to send up his fighters as interceptors, then my fighters just basically don’t do anything?

    Furthermore, and just to make sure that I also understand

    1. My fighters can’t be used for anything else that turn
    2. Those fighters are not shot at by the IC internal AA guns, only the bombers are subject to that
    3. If by chance he had flown his fighters up to intercept all fighters (assuming that we each had 3 fighters) are shooting at each other only and not at the bombers at a dice roll of “1”

  • All correct, though with the last thing, technically you get to choose what gets shot down if the defender hits and you have escort fighters.

    For instance, maybe you brought escort fighters just for a chance to shoot down his fighters, but he hits one, and you decide you want the fighters for defense, so you can lose a bomber instead.

    One other scenario you didn’t include is if you bring tacticals along to hit an air or naval base.  They sort of act like escort planes then, but also do get shot at by anti air.

  • It sounds like you only have the fighters engaging in combat. My understanding is that all air units (incl. the bombers get to roll):

    • The attacking bombers and fighter escorts and the defending fighter interceptors will be the only units participating in this special combat.
    • The combat lasts for only one round.
    • All of the air units have attack and defense values of 1

    I hope this helps.

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