• Since the “ping pong” move is seen more and more i was wondering about something.

    The rules are clear and they say that the retreating units must all retreat back to a single adjacent territory where at least one unit is coming from.

    My question is about the “where at least one unit is coming from”.

    Let say i attack Irak with some infantry from Persia and 1 blitzing tank from Egypt.
    I understand that i cannot retreat to Egypt because it is not adjacent but can i retreat to Trans-Jordan even thought my tank is coming from Egypt?

    In other words is my tank considered coming from Trans-jordan once he gets into Irak?

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    Yes that is correct. Your tank is coming from Trans-Jordan.

  • Great thank you!

    The Vojd!

  • Official Q&A

    Remember that retreat is only possible to a space from which one of the attacking land or sea units moved.  Air units don’t establish a retreat route.

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