• Hi there,

    The other day i was playing at the local game store when one opponent got upset on this.

    I (Germany) did a “Yugoslavia ping pong” on first turn the usual way.
    Then once in the non combat move i brought my fighter to South Italy in order to bolster Italy. Again, a classic move nothing new there.

    Then that guy went close to mental saying that if i retreat everything has to retreat to same territory (he was not liking the ping pong move to start with saying it was totally cheesy!). I said yes you are right except that the planes can “retreat” as normal non combat move would allow.
    In the end i let it go since it’s only a game but that guy made me doubt myself. I am interpreting the rules correctly?

  • You were right. The retreat everything into a single territory rule only applies to land units and planes can land wherever they wish. (Provided it’s a legal landing spot of course)
    I’m not sure on the exact language from the rule book but I think that sums up the essence of the rule.

  • '22 '16

    Pg 20 in the 1940 Europe rule book talks about retreating.  Pg 22 explains what air units can do in the NCM phase.  You were correct.

  • Yeah and tell him to read the rules because planes retreating anywhere legal is a nice thing to have happen. I used to pound Home Fleet and then retreat them to Rome.

  • '19 '17 '16

    Planes don’t really retreat. They just land in the same way as if the battle had been won.

  • all land units retreat to a single adjacent territory, while the air units remains in the territory.

    The only way you did something illegal is if you retreated your air units somewhere, and then moved them to S. Italy.

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