• Hey guys! I have a theory that I wanted to put out there and see if it holds true for you guys as it does for me. I have played a countless number of games of G40, as all the different powers. I have noticed something very interesting, and wanted to share wiht you all.

    In every game that the Italians have had a base income of 25 IPC or higher, the Axis have won … regardless of the outcome in the Pacific. Now this theory ties in with the idea that the Middle East is an essential power house for any nation controlling it, as well as North African objectives. I won’t go into too much detail on Italian strategies, but I wanted to see if this theory holds true for you guys as well.

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    I cant give anecdotal evidence for or against that.  However, I would hazard to say any power with less than 25 IPC income (give or take a few IPC), is no longer a force to be concerned with.  ie: Japan can neuter ANZAC or India by reducing them to under 20 IPC a round (more true for ANZAC that can’t do anything without ships.)  Italy needs 20+ IPC in order to perform any of its three main functions:  Can-open for Germany; take territory for Germany to reinforce; take/hold N. Africa and the Med.

    Just my opinions.

  • I have found that when the Axis’ income matches that of the Allies, the game is likely to end in an Axis victory.  This is particularly true for a TripleA game where mistakes are far harder to make and you can Battlecalc every option to see if choices are net positive or negative.

    Having Italy reach 25 base income is a huge help for the total earnings, although honestly I would prefer if the extra money was going to Germany so they could buy a few more units each round. You don’t always have the choice of territory ownership, especially when the Italian can openers must grab the territories in order for the German support troops to subsequently move in.

  • If the Japan isn’t aggressive enough the UK-East can send resources stalling or completely stopping that Italian advance in Africa/Middle East. If America decides to send a fleet into the med the same thing can happen. Germany, Italy and Japan need to plan together. I’ve played far too many games with a conservative Germany while playing an aggressive Japan or conservative Japan while playing aggressive Germany.

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