Concerning National Objectives and Starting Income

  • Hello all,
        I’ve been playing G40 for a couple years now, but I’ve just realized I may have been doing something wrong the whole time…
    My brothers and I play so that everyone that has a National Objective achieved at the beginning of the game starts with that much additional income.
       For example: Europe UK would start the game with 28+5=33 IPCs because they already begin the game with all of their original territories. Is this correct?
       Also, just to clarify something that we’ve been doing the whole time: when Germany takes over Paris, they get the 19 IPCs France would normally start with, right?

    EDIT: Sorry I just realized I probably should’ve posted this in the Q+A

  • 2020

    1. No

    2. Yes

  • To elaborate a bit, on  the first turn everyone starts with the IPCs total to the territory value. Most of the political situations have not evolved yet, and therefore many of the NOs would be void anyway.

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    Also to clarify, National Objectives are only collected during the collect income phase of the turn.  With that in mind, it would not be included for the initial IPC dispersal.

  • Well no wonder the Axis are even more difficult to defeat in our games. We started them with an additional 20 IPCs compared to the Brits’ extra 5. Thanks everyone for the help.

  • I always treated starting money as separate from income in my head. In this game the rules states that you should use the “starting income list” to take starting money. If i remember correctly, there have been versions of axis where some powers have started with less money than their starting income.

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