[Pacific 1940] Special Japan Rules

  • These Japanese rules are designed to closely resemble the ones in AA Pacific 2001.

    Destroyers. The Japanese may use destroyers to transport 1 infantry per turn. Destroyers may not attack while transporting.

    Surprise Attack. On the first turn that Japan attacks the Western Allies (UK, USA, and ANZAC), all Allied units defend at a 1, except on the first round of every combat, where they do not get a Defense roll at all. These rules do not apply to the Chinese.

    Victory Points. Japan no longer wins by controlling 6 Victory Cities for a complete round of play. Instead, they win by accumulating 22 Victory Points. Japan collects 1 Victory Point for every 10 IPCs it collects (including bonuses). Japan can also win by controlling Calcutta, Sydney, or San Francisco for a complete round of play.
    If Japan does not accumulate at least 1 victory point every turn (i.e, it makes <10 IPCS a turn), it loses automatically.

    The Allies can also win by holding Tokyo for a complete round of play.

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  • Japan should be multiple territories (3).  This allows for more realistic conquest of the island nation.

  • But Japan’s overpowered already.  Are there any Allied bonuses that can be used along with this?

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