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G1 Poland tac?

  • Where do you send the tac bomber that starts in Poland G1 assuming no G1 DOW on soviets?I’ve been sending it to Yugo and landing at rome.I wonder if people think its worth adding to France battle…risk of losing to an AA shot?

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    I always arrack Yugoslavia and land in Rome. 20 units against France usually suffice.

  • I like to split off 2 mech 1 tank and the hungary fighter for SFrance and I’m usually strafing Yugo.I want the factory to threaten G2 naval builds in the med
      .I just wonder if top players consider it too risky sending the stuka to Paris?If it does’nt die to AA it must help preserve higher value ground units.Is it most common for France battle to take 3rounds of combat?Should be good for dishing out 2 hits .I know people have mathematically calculated these things.I don’t ever try to take both Sfrance &normandy on G1,just 1 or the other.
      Rest of luftwaffe heads for 111 &110.

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    paris in case you get diced

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