I live in San Francisco and I want to sell my collection of games I have about 8

  • I paid from $50 to $110 for each of them! Most were only played a couple time.  All are complete and in like new condition with all original paper and cardboard and pieces(of course there are a few missing here and there but nothing you will notice).  I paid around $650 for the lot I would guess and I would like to get about half so $300 will do it!  I can use the money, my son doesn’t like to play any more and he wants a new iphone so there goes that…it was fun while it lasted.  I don’t want paypal but I guess I will accept it, please don’t rip me off though I can’t afford to take any serious loss right now as both my water heater and my house heater went out at the same time and I had to spend every dime I had saved fixing them! 
    WIN_20180324_14_58_02_Pro (2).jpg

  • '17 '16 '15

    hey Joey

    Maybe keep your favorite one : ) Sorry can’t help. Blew my wad on the new Vietnam game. Sure someone will be interested.

    Those dam water heaters. Always go out at the worst time too. Not that there’s a good time.

  • Hi - I’ll be going back to SF during the holiday (after Dec 19th), and could take a look when I am there?  Could you please email me some pics at 5683deltium@gmail.com?


  • Could you list the games?
    The pic is too blurry

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