Playing A&A revised online - what's the best method?

  • I’ve noticed that some people on the forums seem to be having PBEM games of Axis and Allies and was wondering how to get into that? I’m always looking for a chance to practice and learn, since the people I play with are not as obsessed as me and can only stomach to play one game every month or two (if that!). I’ve heard a bit about DAAK… is this what i should pursue? I’d love to get into some games, if anyone needs an opponent (and not yet a very good one - easy wins ; )

  • There are multiple threads ont eh subject already, but a short answer is:

    You can play using TripleA
    You can use physical boards (as I am fond of doing)

    But you want an online dicey, just MUCH easier and faster.

    Then say you are looking for a game, and someone will take you up on it :-)

  • Ah, not sure what an online dicey is. How shall I go about finding one? I’ll go search for old threads on this topic.

    EDIT: All right, I’ve signed up with DAAK. not 100% clear on how to proceed but I’ll figure it out when I have fewer essays due. Thanks a million!

  • 2007 AAR League

    An online dicey is just a diceroller.

    I prefer DAAK for games! I suggest you go to DAAK, set the page to English mode, and click “Sign in” . That lets you register  an account.

    In the “Find opponent” section you may advertise that you are looking for players, your prefered rules, what level of play your are on etc.

    DAAK also has a great Mentor service, that got me started. If you want any assistance to get started, just PM me and I’ll get you up & running.

  • Is there a version of TripleA with the revised map?

  • TripleA is King. :mrgreen:

    Get it from the downloads section, grab java for free, grab mIRC for free, join the TripleA channel and youre set for hours of ana online goodness.

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