Rules clarifications re: Shore Combardment and AA guns

  • Hello Forums, just a simple A&A novice who has recently picked up the revised and pacific editions. Just looking for a rule clarification regarding shore bombardment in revised: Based on my reading of the “opening fire” round entry in the manual, it seems that shore bombardment happens in every round of combat. and also removes targets such that they cannot return fire. This is very different from the rules regarding shore bombardment as stated in A&A pacific, I believe, and so I am seeking confirmation or correction. Also, do defending AA guns in a combat (not a Strategic Bombing raid) get to fire one shot at each attacking plane every turn, or only once? Again, the rules indicate every turn and every plane, but it nevers hurts to be sure.

    Thank you for you time and expertise!


  • It is not every round; it is only the first round. You have to read the rules carefully; it does mention that you remove the battleship/aa gun from the battleboard after the first round, but it doesn’t mention this every time that it talks about shore bombardments.

  • Many thanks. I thought that seemed a bit too potent ; )

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