• This game needs a remake. I really enjoy playing it but it seems it bogs down and takes too long. Add new units like elite infantry zeppelins heavy artillery and bombers. Now we’re talking. Any thoughts boys. I would buy immediately.

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    You know im thinking of making a free WW1 game using some ideas from my upcoming game. I’m tired of these delays.

  • I am happy as it is, it is not hard to add zeppelins yourself. Lots of members play it with different rules anyway, you can use a different map also. Not that i wouldn’t buy a revised edition but don’t count on it. Axis & Allies 1914 is finished as it is now.

  • Fix these 4 things:

    1. Provide for Neutral forces - can be a generic pieces that do not leave country borders.
    2. Allow mine hits to be taken by a loss of load on a transport.
    3. Add a non-combat, strategic reorg move phase.  Allow forces a free move back to home country.
    4. Allow ships to move to port as a function of protection - however though, they could not defend either.

    I have a expanded version of the game, map changes, new rules.  No new units - I don’t see the point on minor units like Zeppelins, gas, Big Bertha - they were not that prevalent.  However, the ability to entrench would be interesting.

  • How about the ability to build fortressesto biffer defenses.  Rail lines to move troops. Have a technology tree. Ex poison gas. The possibilities are endless.

  • Customizer

    Replace all land units bar infantry with chips. OR make the board ten times bigger.

    Aircraft improve combat ability with each turn.

    Morale collapse based on number of casualties and defeats, home tt bombed by the enemy.

    Bombers are the only new unit needed.

    Give Germany a factory in Munich.

    Allow new infantry to be placed in any free home tt.

    USA does not have a turn until at war.

    Limit UK placements in India.

    Albania starts true neutral.

    Red army/Russian civil war rules.

  • @Imperious:

    You know im thinking of making a free WW1 game using some ideas from my upcoming game. I’m tired of these delays.

    Well, you had mocked and insulted me previously some 8 years ago, but I have a WWI game for free that Historical Board Gaming has.

    It’s free, if you want it. You can get it from Historical Board Gaming. It costs nothing.

  • I like where you’re going flash. It wouldn’t be hard to make this game better. A few more unit types and technology tree and a better map. I wish Larry would go for it.

  • I play this game about 4 times a year with friends. We’ve tweaked the rules are few times and now we have a pretty much optimal setup. The only added unit are trucks (basically land transports for Inf, Art and Tanks) and it makes for interesting moves and plays.

    We’re of the mentality that historical accuracy should not get in the way of replayability and fun, so rules such as limiting the number of units in India, or changing the US involvement makes for more and more linear gameplays that are basically the same strategies happening with the dice becoming the sole factor in the game. We like to try new things.

    Also, adding new units in a d6 game where the unit costs are single digits makes it almost impossible to balance correctly. Every time we tried tweaking land units values and costs we basically destroyed a unit and made another one completely OP. I think you would have to switch to a d8 system and multiply costs by 5 (and income of course) to allow proper tweaking. Also, it’s very easy to make units that sound good on paper but end up being fairly situational.

    We’re dabbling with the idea of allowing players to build one extra factory at the start of the game, which would make for some cool tweaks. I am also thinking about bombers that would be expensive units that deal damage automatically and you can’t block it via tanks (though again, it may be situational). We’re also thinking of making air combat optional or last just one round as well, with the winner being the one with the most air planes in the end. We’ve had a few games where it was a 7v5 air battle and it makes no sense to lose so much IPCs in one go in a game that is about grinding, especially when this means you basically can never again challenge the enemy’s 4 hit artilleries.

    All in all, the game as it is is pretty much fun and can become even better with few adjustments. The trick is to add an element that has good synergy with the current game meta. Otherwise you might as well just make a whole new game with its own rules.

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    hey Flashman, working on this new map, will send you file and you provide names of areas. PM me email please

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