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Amphibious assault: shore bombardment and airplanes

  • When making an amphibious assault (without naval combat), Battleships can conduct Shore Bombardment. (rulebook pages 15 & 29)
    On both these pages, the rules specify that ‘…battleship fires once (…) against enemy land units…’

    Does this mean that airplanes cannot be hit by Shore Bombardment?
    (a critical question if all defending units are airplanes)

    Nota: airplanes are NOT land units (see page 24), even while grounded.

    Please make sure your responses conform with A&A 2004 Revised edition.

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    Welcome to the forum, chaikov.

    You read it correctly, in Revised OOB only land units can be hit by Shore Bombardment, that excludes airplanes.

    Air units can be additionally hit starting from the Revised LHTR ruleset and in later games.

    HTH 🙂

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