• Which unit is your favorite to buy?  Why?  Is it cost-effective?  Good in battle?  Versatile?  You should base your answer(s) on your purchases.

    My personal favorite is the fighter, but I also love the artillery and destroyer.

  • It has to be the good old rank and file infantry! Nothing beats a solid meat shield supported by artillery and tanks slowing pushing toward the enemy

  • Might be more interesting if the vote was weighted somehow. Even as the US I likely buy more infantry than any other unit while probably investing more IPC in bombers.

  • Base your weighting upon the cost.  For instance, if you buy one tank (6 IPCs) for every two infantry (6 IPCs), then you don’t really buy one more often the the other.  Of course, there is discrepancy depending upon the game, your opponent, your strategy, and most importantly, your nation, but this poll is more about your personal favorite.

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    My vote went towards favorite buys. Thats what it said.
    Anyway cost wise will depend on country inf, art, mec, tanks, dest and figs.

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    When playing as Germany, I like to buy lots of armor and mech infantry to exploit gaps in the Soviet lines. Blitz, baby, blitz - and don’t stop until you’ve reclaimed the Tsingtao Brewery for the Reich!

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    This is a tough question as it really depends on the nation(s) you’re playing, but overall everyone can use good old infantry. Besides that it depends but in naval battles the aircraft carrier is really useful. And you can never go wrong with a nice stack of bombers (unless they are your only defense…)

  • Who the hell voted for AA guns?

  • @ShadowHAwk:


    Who the hell voted for AA guns?

    Or more disturbing Battleships, the most bought units a battleship im wondering how they are playing this game.

    If that players exclusively plays US, then there might be some merit to that but yes, I hope it isn’t someone who plays USSR or Italy with that setup.

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    One person likes to buy cruisers. Anything beats cruisers pound for pound except a slight advantage in shore bombardment.

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    I voted for Star Destroyers. Its useful for sacking India on J3.

    Actually I voted infantry. Cheapest unit and the most bang per buck.

    I play Axis a lot, so mech would be a close 2nd.

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    American fighters are the most powerful and cost efficient unit in the game.  You need a lot of them.

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    Varies a lot by nation. As Germany, I don’t buy many infantry. art/mec/tank/planes are my main buys. I guess it’s similar for Italy but with a few ships. Even as Japan, I would probably buy as many art as inf.

    USA and UK Europe only have a few infantry bought. ANZAC a couple more, but not heaps. Whereas China, UK Pacific, USSR buy tonnes of infantry.

    I voted inf but I’m not completely sure now, particularly if we are weighting by IPCs.

  • Am I the only one here who LOVES strategics??? they’re so darn useful. There’s nothing like making the enemy cringe at the though of having to repair factory with those precious IPCs.

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    Unfortunately, just like in the real war, the most effective unit seems to be the Infantry.  They have the IPM, they are used in territory trading (what I call attacks of attrition), they can be deployed as barriers to protect valuable units in the rear, etcetera.

    Tanks, in my opinion, best compliment the IPM benefit of infantry.

    Fighters come in third, as they can range out to hit, but cannot take land.  Great defensive units as well.

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