Missing pieces is my game still playable?

  • I was given a copy of the 1987 version of the game, I’m missing the following:

    1 USSR Fighter
    1 UK Fighter
    3 Japanese Infantry
    2 US Infantry
    1 German Control Marker
    2 IPCs Value 1
    2 IPCs Value 5
    5 IPCs Value 10

    And my Plastic Chip count is 57 White and 5 Red …not sure how much i need of each

    Is the game playable with this or should I source replacement pieces?

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    I don’t think the missing figurines/miniatures are going to bother you – the ones you’re missing aren’t crucial. You might run out of 10 IPC bills, but if so, you can always just keep track with pencil and paper. My biggest concern here is only having 5 red chips – if Germany and Russia decide to wait each other out and build up big stacks of infantry, you could easily run out of those, and if you do, then that’s awkward and uncomfortable.

    HBG will sell you a bag of compatible chips for a very reasonable price:

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    I would say that your game is still playable. The lack of Japanese infantry might sting some but should be doable. If you wind up needing more Japanese infantry, you could take the singletons off of the Japanese owned islands and replace them with Japanese Control Markers.

    As for chips, I would get some and the best place for that in my experience is eBay.com. People are parting out that version every day on eBay, so finding more chips shouldn’t be hard. Follow the link below for the first auction I found that I liked:

    If you buy that auction, you’ll double your chips for about $9, assuming you live in the US. Shipping to other countries would cost more, but you can search for other auctions in your country for better deals.

    My 2 IPCs, anyways.


  • Boardgame Geek has a pdf file where you can print the IPCs and cut them out.

    As far as chips go…looks like you have several options presented.

    I have a small bag of extra pieces.  Shoot me an email to remind me and I will look through to see if I have what you need.

    twmattox  at  icloud  dot  com

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    Neemo. I sent u a PM message.

  • People sell replacements for Classic A&A ALL THE TIME on E-Bay… I assure you, everything you listed as missing or short, you can get replaced from E-Bay… just search “Axis and Allies Replacements” or “parts” and you’ll find everything you’re looking for…

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    I sent him a PM were I’d give him all he needs free. Just pay for shipping. No reply at. So WE

  • In the original Axis and Allies, Harris made it clear that the pieces to be used in the box were set as a limit of how many of those “battle groups” you could create.

    forum wont let me post the link… let me try to get fancy:

    www harrisgamedesign com/pdf/A&A_Classic_FAQ.pdf

    The most obvious for this was the aircraft carrier. If you play with the straight up 2nd Edition rules for axis and allies classic, you could never have more than two carrier pieces on the board (white/red chips are ‘unlimited’)

  • Sorry…i didnt get any replies for a while so i stopped looking … i looked on ebay and i wasnt keen on buying a big lot plus shipping…also looked at buying individual pieces but some werent available…so i kinda had given up

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