• Barney,

    Yes it does! Automatically (and you still get your normal maps, too).


  • '17 '16 '15

    Far Out ! As they say in the restaurant business " Order Up " : )

  • '17 '16 '15

    So looked like an email will be sent requesting shipping info ? Didn’t want to make the account thing.

  • Barney,

    Yes, about a day or two after the campaign ends, I’ll be sending out an e-mail to each and every backer to (a) confirm that they are getting what they want, and (b) their shipping information.

    When the games are actually produced and ready for shipment, I’ll follow up with another e-mail to make sure you didn’t move or so, just to make sure there’s no chance for a mistake.

    Eric 🙂

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  • SnakeEyes,

    How do I contact you after the Kickstarter is over?


  • Hi Warrior,

    Feel free to just message me directly through the server here, as others have been doing. I typically respond the same day. 🙂


  • SnakeEyes,

    I don’t know if you are looking to expand the aircraft in your 73 game. Here are several ideas:

    General Dynamics F-111 Fighter Bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons were a mainstay for USAFE during the Cold War. The 20th TFW stationed at RAF Upper Heyford, UK participated in F-111 NATO and US unilateral operations Shabaz, Display Determination, Cold Fire, Ocean Safari, Datex, Priory, Reforger, Dawn Patrol, Highwood, Hammer, and others from January 1972 to October 1993. The 474th Nellis AFB, Nevada sent their General Dynamics F-111, and the 366th TFW at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, sent their F-111Fs to RAF Lakenheath in early 1977 for additional USAFE SAC bombers. Between the two bases during the 1980s they had roughly 150 bombers combined. These were known as are front line bombers to stop the WARSAW PACT while I was assigned to 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge twin bases 1981-1986 A-10 Thunderbolt IIs.  B-52s were on a rotation to RAF Fairford, RAF Menwithhill and RAF Upper Heyford.

    Second Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II were operational at multiple bases in USAFE during the Cold War. 1972 onwards.


  • Warrior,

    I know that F-111s were operating out of Thailand and Nellis in 1972, but were any deployed in Europe that early?


  • SnakeEyes,

    From my knowledge F-111’s begin to arrive in 3rd Air Force USAFE Jan 1972 at RAF Upper Heyford and the last F-111’s were sent in 1977 to RAF Lakenheath. Any other questions please let me know.


  • Do you know how many F-111s were at Heyford in '72? A single squadron, perhaps?


  • SnakeEyes, Per your request

    20th Tactical Fighter Wing – RAF Upper Heyford

    55th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-111E 1971–1993
    77th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-111E 1971–1993
    79th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-111E 1971–1993
    All three Squadrons were fully combat ready by November 1972.
    Some of these Aircraft  and F-111s from RAF Lakenheath pulverized Kadaffi years later.

    So I would for game purposes say 3 squadrons available for 72-73.


  • Great info! Thanks, Warrior!

  • Eric,

    You had stated you would be sending out an email to confirm about getting what we wanted. I have not recieved an email. Kickstarter would not allow me to follow up on my initial pledge and would appreciate an opportunity to add the additional items I had wanted.


  • SnakeEyes,

    I just was hired for a transportation position 3 weeks ago full time.  Now I am playing catch up with collection agencies, It will be around mid September before I can pay for a GOLD Edition.
    If I want to purchase extra B-52s so I have a total of 12 bombers and additional Migs how much do I need to add to my current $185.00 pledge amount?  Second When I do pay can you process a visa debit card for payment or a Paypal transaction thru someone else??



  • '17 '16 '15

    my last email from him was on May 30th:

    Here we have The Dangerous Year: 1973 map in its near-final state. This game, as a reminder, simulates the execrable showdown that nearly occurred in '73 when the Israelis began to push across the Suez Canal…prompting Anwar Sadat to request direct Soviet military invention to save his country. Premier Brezhnev vehemently insisted that Nixon compel the Israelis to withdraw, which they did, but very nearly too late to avert a superpower confrontation. However, had things tipped too far to halt the course of events, a sudden war may have erupted across the breadth of Europe. This game is simple and plays quickly…even possibly too quickly if one side or the other triggers a nuclear war.

    Now, I do have a request for those who care to comment: As you can see, various spaces on The Dangerous Year: 1973 map are mountainous terrain. I trust that it is evident which spaces are “mountainous” and which are not. If you think this is not discernible enough, please feel free to let me know.

    In other news, the Vietnam map is essentially finished, although in fact it is undergoing some final touches, and so I hope to have it to show off within a few days or so.

    With these maps done, the next update will reveal the last of the extra bonus game pieces, and then we begin to get our manufacturer geared up for initial game piece samples, and then full-blown production. While that is going on, we’ll be getting our box art completed, and then we’ll endeavor to assemble all of the myriad components for pre-press, and then have it ready to begin printing samples for proofing.


  • '17 '16 '15

    I got updated Warrior888. Think you can still dial in : )

    Bonus game piece sculpts are finished!
    Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)


    Thank you for your patience; I realize it’s been a month-and-a-half since my last update, but our sculptor really went the extra mile to create some superlative sculpts for the new bonus game pieces that we’ve added to those versions of the game, and that took quite a while to complete. Progress was slow, but I decided to let him work at his own pace because of the really nice sculptures he was creating, and I know you’ll be pleased with the final product, as well.

    Presently, the sculptor is making requested changes and modifications that are intended to make many of the game pieces more durable during the casting process, as well as making them more durable as plastic game pieces during game play. So, all of this has caused a delay to the entire production process. For those that have not been following the thread about The War in Vietnam here on Kickstarter, note that the originally forecast target date of September is going to be pushed back because of the extra time that has been required to create all these extra bonus game pieces. Nevertheless, we are not sitting idle; we’re pushing things along as fast as reasonable …meaning as fast as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the game.

    All of my doggerel aside, here’s three select images of some of the bonus game pieces that have been finished:
    US Marine. Note the M14 rifle he is carrying. US Marine. Note the M14 rifle he is carrying.
    The CVA sculpt will mean two types of aircraft carrier models. The CVA sculpt will mean two types of aircraft carrier models.
    The Australian sculpt is accurate right down to his hat. The Australian sculpt is accurate right down to his hat.

    In other news, I have actually had some of the game pieces test-cast to get an idea of size and integrity. Here you can see two MiG-21’s (which are probably too small and may be enlarged a tad), as well as one of the other new bonus game pieces, the RPG version of the Viet Cong. These were created in clear resin so as to see all the details of the test-cast, but obviously the actual game pieces will be molded in their appropriate color.
    Real, actual, factual, test-cast game pieces in clear resin! Real, actual, factual, test-cast game pieces in clear resin!

    Now, I actually intend another update very shortly, so don’t worry that it’ll be a whole month before the next one. Indeed, I hope to have another update in just a matter of days, but I presently wanted to let everybody see the progress of the new game pieces before I segued onto other subjects.

    As a matter of fact, specifically I want to address the handful of people that have e-mailed me about possibly ordering the game now that the Kickstarter campaign for The War in Vietnam has ended: I can add your name to the backer spreadsheet and will contact you when we begin production if you are interested in getting a copy of the game. Likewise, for those of you that may know someone that would be interested in obtaining a copy of The War in Vietnam, please do let them know that it’s not too late to get their name added to the backer spreadsheet. Every additional backer helps pay for extra goodies to add to the game (for example, a sturdier box, whatever we can think of), so don’t hesitate to spread the word if you know someone that may want to get added to the backer spreadsheet.

    Okay, please feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any questions, generally or specifically. I’ll post another update by next week, with any luck.

    Eric 🙂  
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    seems as if you can still order Warrior888. Thought he was gonna post here too but…

    Tried to get pictures to load but …maybe later. they look pretty cool.

    hmm…don’t no why I can’t figure out to send you his email link. W/e. It’s probably in one of his earlier posts.

    Don’t no why he hasn’t posted here

  • The Aussie looks great, if his the same size as A&A maybe replace him with the giant ANZAC inf ?


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