• We’re 85% funded today!

    If you’re interested in getting a copy of this game, I recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later. We still have nine days to go, and projections put us at 100% by next week, but the sooner we get to 100%, the more people then jump in.

    We only plan on the one print-run for kickstarter backers (this is because we’re not a game company), and so the game won’t be made available elsewhere on-line or to retailers, so please do order your copy now if you would like one.

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523186582/vietnam-war-miniatures-axis-and-allies-type-wargam?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=The War in Vietnam

    Feel free to post any questions you may have,

  • 90% funded!

  • Gonna be a close race

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  • About 30 more backers is all we need, and we’ll have that by Wednesday!


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    Well i dropped like $300 for this. Im on board. I wish you put this effort into a Korean 1951 game…or American Civil War

  • Thank you!

    My father-in-law served in Korea (he passed away three years ago yesterday, as a matter of fact), so Korea is near to my heart.

    As to the Civil War, I had this idea myself some time ago! I have an ace in my pocket as far as that goes, having worked side by side with Chris Perello, our resident Civil War expert, for the last eight years, and he’s a wealth of knowledge. We could do a truly excellent ACW game, and I would very much like to.


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    I could put my heart into a American Civil War game. Whatever help you need. either that or a Axis and Allies in Space ( sorry no Machete).

    The space would include an actual space map of real stars and four factions with homeworlds in each corner, with 6 different ship types, plus counters for land forces…

    Allowing for teams, or free for all, plus scenarios… and ships that dont look like Bugs, which is the common thing.

  • I played the Eagle Games Civil War game many years ago, and it seemed to lack something. In the first place, the game pieces weren’t as nice as, say, those in Battle Cry, but I always thought a much better Civil War game could be done (ala Axis & Allies).

    As to space games, I think Twilight Imperium cornered that market…to say nothing of all the Star Wars games out there.


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    Anything made by Eagle games is either broken or toilet paper. No other result. I do own a few of them because Larry Harris heaps praise on Glen Drover, but i play these games and remind myself that anybody without knowledge of how to design games could exist and get money to make such a farcical sham and waste.

  • Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up how most people feel about many of the old Eagle Games line.

    I remember when they got bought out (this is like over ten years ago); I happened to be talking to one of the new principles at a GAMA show, and he explained how they had new ideas for the company. Seems that they eventually drifted into family games and dropped most of the wargame line. I haven’t checked them out very thoroughly of late.


  • By the way, were you ever aware of this?:


    For just a couple thousand dollars, one could be yours….!  😮

  • Very close now, ten more backers and we are there, maybe tomorrow ?

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    By the way, were you ever aware of this?:


    For just a couple thousand dollars, one could be yours….!   😮

    :roll:  What, no Kirby ? !!!

  • The sculptor, I am told, is actually planning on doing the whole squad!

    Whether that comes true, nobody knows, but Kirby would be a logical choice (being with the series the whole time). And, Jack Hogan is still alive last I heard.


    Yes, we’re at 97% today. 🙂

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    Bingo !  Funded !  😄

  • Yes, 105 % funded today, and trending says it may reach $ 90 +, or 122 % before it is closed april 1.

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  • Hazzah!

    Thanks for everybody’s support and encouragement.

    Because we’re not a game company, we now have the option to make this a most excellent game from top to bottom. We’re not worried about a bottom line, but want to make the best components possible, the most air-tight and easy rules possible, and really kick-ass artwork.

    When gamers make a game they’d like to play, it’ll be superb.

    Anyway, thanks again to all who supported and especially pledged.

    The campaign is still going on for the next four days, so please feel free to pledge for an edition if you’d like to get one for yourself.

    Thank you,

  • I agree with everyone that Eagle games are low end at best. The only thing they did Right in my mind was the Conquest of the Empire Roman game a re-make of Milton Bradley’s Conquest of the Empire (1984). The Civil War and Civilization could have been done to a lot higher standard.  Enough of that.  Vietnam War I am still wanting to jump on board and purchase this game at the Gold level. But being without work for now 16 months has really put a damper on purchases.  I may end up waiting till the last hour to jump on board since Uncle Same took my income tax for Obama Care.  Anyway everyone supporting this game to bring it to our gaming tables, Thank You.


  • Warrior,

    While I can’t do this for everyone because of the limited print run we’ll be doing, I’ll set aside one Gold edition for you to buy later if you’d like. Take care of your situation and there’ll be a game waiting for you when you’re up and at 'em again.


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    Your a good man for doing that. If this was on almost any other subject, i would be spending like 1K on the top of the line version

  • SnakeEyes,
    Thank you.  i really appreciate that.  I will purchase the game from you as soon as my situation allows me to do it.  I really wan’t to Thank you for taking al leap of faith on me for this game.  Keep up the excellent work and may you have a very prosperous Kick Starter and be blessed in all of your future game creations.

    Very Respectfully


  • Imperious Leader, Warrior,

    Thank you; I know how lousy it is to see an opportunity pass by just because of temporary set back. We’ve all been there.

    And I appreciate your sentiment. This game has never been about a profit; we’re just really wanting to produce this puppy. Indeed, I wish it could be cheaper, but the 800+ pieces are the major expense, as I’m sure everyone here knows well enough.

    My goal now is the make sure the game has the best components, air-tight and easy rules, and a historically accurate simulation.

    Again, thanks for the well wishes all along, and for backing the game!

    Eric  🙂

  • Gentlemen.

    Here is a little of my Family History, My Father and most of my Uncles were in Vietnam.  My Father served in the USAF 819 Red Horse Engineering Squadron and was assigned to the following locations in country. Ben Wah Air Base, Da Nang Air Base, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base and TTakhli Royal Thai Air Force Base. I discovered all this after he passed away many years ago. I spoke with my mother about this last weekend and she thought he never left Ben Wah.  I found his medals that he hid from everybody so he was not heavily ridiculed for serving in Vietnam. Unfortunate that he hid them and didn’t wear them while he was still active… It was an heart felt moment for me when my wife and i found them and the certificates of presentation. He received a medal for each base he was assigned to during Vietnam. I had an Uncle who was a USMC Embassy Guard and another who was signed to the Task Force 77 as a Petty Officer in charge of Aircraft repairs aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. Note spelling on the Vietnam bases maybe in shambles Iv’e seen them spelled several ways, so I choose the spelling that looked best to me. If anyone can find anything on Ben Wah Airbase please let me know i have searched the web and can not find even a reference to it so far. My mother still has several letters envelopes from that time with the APO so I know it was a real US Base.

  • That’s very cool, Warrior. What a history of service!

    Here’s a link to the airbase you might find interesting:


    Yeah, the biggest airbase in Vietnam, I believe. Pretty impressive!!!

    Eric 🙂

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    does the “Special Edition” include the “Jumbo Map” ?

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