Pittsburgh PA USA Revised Tournament - World Boardgame Championship - July 20-21

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    Hi all,

    The Boardgame Players Association will be hosting this year’s (2019) “World Boardgame Championship” convention from July 20-27 at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort (777 Water Wheel Dr, Champion, PA).

    This Axis and Allies tournament will be on July 20-21. I mention the other dates because there are several other competitions at this tournament besides Axis and Allies (lots of the other Avalon Hill wargames).

    If anyone is interested in attending let me know and I can post more details.

    The only A&A game ran at this tournament is Revised, so be forewarned.

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    First post updated to refer to current year’s event.

  • 2020 2019 2018

    @DoManMacgee BUMP: There was a “low turnout” for last year’s event (we had like 12 people, which is a fair size for an A&A tournament, but a low size compared to other tournaments held at this event (i.e. Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, and other “popular board games”), which draw in 30+ competitors regularly). Due to this, Revised is on the “chopping block” for this year’s WBC Tournament.

    I would greatly encourage anyone who enjoys Revised to make some attempt of attending this year’s tournament, as it would be a shame if one of the only Revised events in the country were to close its doors.

  • @DoManMacgee I reckon you post this on BGG as well mate. Might as well cover as many places as possible to keep Revised at WBC alive.

  • 2020 2019 2018

    Update: I would ask that a mod delete or at least unpin this thread. The tournament has been canceled/removed from the lineup due to a combination of:

    • Previous years’ low participation numbers.
    • Unwillingness of the GM to host the event.

    From my correspondence with the GM and my understanding of how this convention operates, it is safe to say that Axis and Allies will not be returning to this convention until a new (as in: “2019 new”) game is released that has enough popularity to be ran. As AAZ is incredibly divisive within our community and was released in 2018, it very obviously will not make the cut for inclusion at this event.

    Again, I would ask that this thread be closed. If by chance any of you registered for this event, you still have time to contact Seven Springs Resort and receive a refund for your room.

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    @DoManMacgee Unpinned and closed.

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