• When how and why is Yunnan so important to the Japanese on the first turn?

    Isnt a safer option to get all the lightly defended areas first?

  • If you don’t take Yunnan, China can buy artillery, which makes them more of a threat.  And while you don’t usually keep it, you’re ultimately trying to take the Burma road from them for good so they also lose their 6 ipc bonus.

  • And to add to the other, you want to try to keep UK and China from linking up on each other as if Japan isn’t going to march on India, then India will try to keep China alive by sending in reinforcements. UK if also wise will do whatever it takes to keep the Flying Tigers alive for China.

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    It is an important territory knot.
    As CS allready explained, UK and China are able to link up and fortify and threaten certain areas.
    China would be able to spawn their Inf there all the time and stack 'em up while UK will be able to launch attacks with Mechs, Arms and Ftr’s.
    China is not allowed to take FIC but UK is able to take it back.
    Japan will not be able to take out Yunnan with minimal losses.

    Yunnan is some sort of a Pacific Stalingrad.

  • Try to picture (for whatever reason) that Japan is playing passively against India and not marching on it. India will take all their infantry and AA guns and just walk around in China keeping the road open while giving a territory China can always spawn in keeping the Tigers alive. This tends to be useful because if the Tigers have a zone where they are guarded by Chinese and British AA guns (historically accurate FYI) then Japan tends to be much more “reasonable” to try and not waste bombers trying to snipe the Tigers. A lot of Japanese players will try to kill them any chance they get, it’s an “unofficial” national objective that gives Japan pride. Based on my experience.

  • Holding Yunnan prevents the war in China from being an endless whack-a-mole situation. Capturing Yunan also allows you to send fighter escort when strategic bombing the factory in India.

    The design of the map makes Yunnan a territory that is easy to reach from many allied areas, the problem for the allies being that Japan has the initiative to prevent China from fortifying. Japan typically loses Yunan t1 but has the opportunity as already mentioned to take out the Chinese fighter and main stack the following turn

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