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    So the Partisans Expansion is out! What do you all think of the rules?

    I think they are a pretty awesome set of rules really. They did a good job having all sides have the ability to utilize them. True, the Axis won’t get many chances, but the Italian partisans in Kashmir and Trans-Jordan is great!

    I like the varying chances for partisans as well. The French partisans having the chance to be Communist or Free French is intriguing as well! As the rule says, they created this with intentional friction between the Allies and Comintern in mind, and I think that’s exactly what they did.

    I like the partisan actions as well, adds some great flavor and gives them a real ability to be effective! It’s great that they can have something to do on the combat phase of their controllers turn, rather than just have effects on the enemy’s turns (rail and supply disruption, and enemy forces attacking them).

    One thing I think I’ll need to clarify with the HBG guys is the conflicts with other expansions. There’s a couple I notice immediately:

    1. In Fascist Croatia Expansion, the Comintern rolls for partisan generation on a 12 for Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. But the Partisans Expansion now shows Yugoslavia as rolling Comintern partisan on an 11, and French on a 12. If playing with both expansions, how do you play? I assume you just amend to do a recruitment roll for each power for each new territory.

    2. This one isn’t as glaring. I just wonder if this affects the Winter War expansion in any way with the Partisan rules there?

    The only other thing I’m wondering about is the supply tokens. Reading the rules, it looks to me like these are solely used for Partisan purposes. Do supply tokens have any other effect in the game or in other expansions?

  • I like the rules, well researched and seems balanced.
    I also like the fact that the Expansions complement each other. Like this one and Turkey at War for example.

    It is one of those Expansions that goes into the nitty-gritty details though, so my group will probably not use it.

    When there are ‘conflicts’ I’m pretty sure the specific Expansion wins over this one, it being more general.

    The Spanish Civil War Expansion also uses Supply tokens.

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    I agree with you on the rules. I really do like this one a lot. This may be one of their better thought out expansions.

    Totally agree with complimenting each other too, though I wonder if there are some conflicts at times. I asked about the Turkey at War Expansion on the Global War page actually in relation to this:

    “Another question I have also relates to if using the Turkey at War Expansion as well. Let’s say two Turkish Partisans form together, make a Militia, and take Transcaucasia. According to the rules this wouldn’t initiate war with the USSR, but would the USSR be allowed to make Partisan generation rolls for the territory since it was taken from them and is a Home Country territory? This would also apply to Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Crete too I believe, as they are minor nations, but would not apply to Syria or Cyprus because they are colonies of a major power, but not Home Country, correct?”

    On top of that question, I wondered to myself later what would happen in other scenarios. Like, what if an Allied controlled Turkey had partisans in Crete, formed a Militia and took it. Then Greece is attacked by the Axis and becomes Allied controlled as well, with both eventually becoming Allied aligned. Does Turkey get to keep Crete, even though Greece is on their side? My guess would be yes, but I could see how that may cause conflicts.

    Good call on the Spanish Civil War Expansion, I’d completely forgotten about that one!

    Bummer your group might not want to use it. I think this is another we will for sure use!

  • Just read the rules for this and I am very impressed! I agree with you guys that this is well thought out! The rules look excellent and this expansion can really make a solid impact on the game. This may very well be my favorite expansion from HBG yet! That is until the Battle of the Atlantic comes out 😉 (Hopefully they still plan on releasing it). The reason I like this expansion is that it keeps the Axis players on their toes. It does not allow them to carelessly vacate most of their conquered territories, which is something that I do not care much for. For example, in my group, most of China and Manchuria are left completely vacant and Germany tends to leave Eastern Europe and all but one territory in France vacant. To me, it is an absolute eyesore to see that and I cannot do it anymore. I know that the Axis will still do this because it’s not like every territory they conquer will automatically generate a partisan. However, I do think that it will force the Axis to keep a few Infantry spread out across the conquered zones just in case a partisan pops up. It really helps that partisans can become a real pain if left unchecked. All that being said, I am looking forward to getting my hands on this expansion!

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    It looks like a really good expansion and I’m looking forward to playing it in a game when Rank Carcass gets here to the War room. I made a video for the Partisan Expansion as I will eventually for all of the others;

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    It looks like a really good expansion and I’m looking forward to playing it in a game when Rank Carcass gets here to the War room. I made a video for the Partisan Expansion as I will eventually for all of the others;

    Nice! That really is a big game changer. Especially for CCP.

    Can’t wait GHG!

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