• Hello,

    New player (of this edition) I have 2 questions please:

    1. A battleship hit by a single submarine (so only damaged and on his side) can defend and battle back right?

    2. A friend of me with a good Japan and still with its two starting battleships in a simple fleet composed of: 2BB + 2AC + 4Fighters –-> Kept on coming to me and was always taking the very 2 first hits as battleship damages and the few next hits as fighters killed —> But could always respond (before the death of the fighters) with 2D2 + 4D4 and MASSACRE me … Then easily rebuild each turn the losses (like 3 to 4 fighters) and so on …

    We found it was unfair if to compare with the previous editions about the SHIELD of big units! I mean to protect the big units LOSING some little around (like destroyers or subs or whatever) is fair and in the spirit of the WWII but to go “Wait: my 2 battleships take those 2 hits and everybody even the destroyers are safe even me after the battle!” is … well … Strange!?  I accept that a battleship could take 2 hits because of its price and historical importance but to take ANOTHER damage hit on ANOTHER battleship when a first one is already damaged should be forbidden IMO!

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    Well its like you cant have all your hits target the battleships only but when defender does take a battleship hit you are still getting a targeted hit in a way. You could have it where if you take a hit on a battleship then the next hit on battleship has to go towards the 1 hit battleship. Now your going into house rules.

    Dont forget the other issue. Destroyers can block fleets of 20 ships. Go figure. It should be you want to block my fleet with a destroyer then there should be a combat round for fleet to attack destroyer with a destroyer defend shot and after the fleet destroys the destroyer the fleet gets to do its normal combat move.
    Or you make it where 2 or 3 destroyers prevent a fleet from advancing.

    Oh and welcome to the site GGleize.  😄

  • Thank you for the answer and time spend!

    OK It was just a question - I don’t want to change this rule … Was just hoping it was this way … OK no lol!

    A screen of destroyers? … mmm … I may have stupidly ignore this idea because of my (also stupid) idea of “fight like a man” with flat tops … But my (behatred) Japanese enemy overrun me by the end!

    But TY for the advice and I will better play with my brain the next time instead of my “nuts” (if I may)!


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    No problem. No matter how dum you think the questions sound you post them here and somebody will always give you a response to help you in anyway they can for any game.

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    Quite right! No doubt because of all the dumb questions we ourselves have asked over the years! 😄

  • mmm … We did try the “Battleship must be hit twice but in a row” house rule and … For the moment it works well!
    Now the fleet owner feel obliged to protect those big BB & AC with little units like in the “old AA days” and during WWII

    I stop here because double post on this subject –-> https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=35629.msg1753059#msg1753059

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