Nashville, TN Axis and Allies, March 23-24

  • 2017

    Coming up next weekend. Always a great time, with lots of gaming, not limited to Axis and Allies. Lately have had Scythe and Supremecy on the table, and there’s talk of giving Twilight Imperium 4 a go.

    Axis and Allies titles typically played include: Global, 1914, and 42.2. Most other titles are in someone’s car, so that isn’t necessarily everything we’ll play.

    Gaming takes place in a neighborhood clubhouse that has lots of comfortable seating, a full kitchen, and huge bathroom facilities. It’s close to many different restaurants, and delivery routes of the local pizza joints.

    We’ll start Friday morning, and play all day, so come prepared to play long games, and be ready for lots of fun! After hours gaming normally includes a few rounds of Secret Hitler, which is hilarious. Seriously. We’ll knock off late, and do it all again all day Saturday.

    Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces, so if you’re in the Nashville, TN area, swing by and have a look!…

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