World War 3 bonus game design choices POLL (Second Round)

  • This World War 3 game (called The Dangerous Year: 1973) is included free with The War in Vietnam game that is up on Kickstarter right now.

    You can find reference to the WW3 game about halfway down the KS page: War in Vietnam

    I have two map choices and presentations, either a strictly European NATO vs. Warsaw Pact World War 3 clash in Germany and thereabouts, or a wider scope map that includes the conflict that would certainly be going on down in the Middle East at the same time.

  • You know, you really should post pictures of both the maps giving us something to choose between. FYI, I voted for the larger map including Middel East, because if I wanted a fast game I would play A&A 1941, that is real fast and simple. Now, you will have to make sculpts for Israel too, hope this game get fundet fast.

    Is the BGG entry for WWIII up yet ?

  • Narvik,

    Yes, the maps haven’t been graphically rendered yet, so I only can suggest exactly like what you suggested (imagining from the perspective of another map).

    Yes, the BGG entry for the WW3 game is up. I am waiting for BGG to upload the first images I’ve sent, so hopefully soon.  😄

  • Just thinking out loud here, but but the first map option with Germany/Poland strikes me as being a tactical game, at a limited space, while the second option is more like the A&A Strategy game, covering large areas. Will both maps include terrain, like mountains, forest, cities ? And how exactly will terrain effect combat ?

  • Narvik,

    Sorry, I missed your post here.

    As to the scope, either version would be essentially strategic. A central Europe setting would just be a bigger map of Germany and peripheral countries. Most of the fighting would be in West Germany and neighboring countries, so the map would segment central Europe into the same number of spaces as the other alternative, but for that reason the game would approach more of an operational level, you’re right.

    That said, the polling seems clear that people want the other version, so that may answer that!


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