AA50 Can Planes on islands defend in Sea Battles

  • Hi all,
    Been playing AA since the 81 game came out but am new here. I just bought the re-release of AA50 (I think that’s what everyone’s calling it. Let’s just say the one that came out this past November or so :). Anyway, I need a little bit of clarification on something. Let’s say the Japanese navy comes into the Hawaii sea zone strictly to have a naval battle with my US ships. I have a fighter on the Hawaiian islands. Can I use that for defense in the naval battle or must it stay grounded. The types of ships are irrelevant. I would just like to know if I can use the fighter in a naval battle. I think the rule book says no but it was somewhat unclear. Thanks

  • Yeah, the fighter is on the island, and therefore can’t participate in any sea battle.

    If it was AAG40 and you had an airfield there, you could choose to scramble. But AA50 is a different game so I won’t confuse you too much…

  • Thanks for the clarification.

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