Infantry, Motorized Infantry….Artillery...pairing...

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    Okay read the rules a couple times as well as nation abilities….just making sure I have this correct.

    Infantry can Pair with artillery on a 1:1 Basis.Awesome…

    Motorized Infantry can tow artillery…Awesome…

    Artillery can NOT pair with Motorized Infantry for them to get the bonus.  Just Infantry Class units can pair with artillery.

    SO that means it can pair with ANY Infantry Class (pg 54) unit then not just Infantry? Infantry, Marine, Mountain, Airborne, and Militia (in the rare case a militia ends up able to attack)?

    Except Calvary CAN pair with artillery like Infantry despite being a armored class type unit.

    Motorized Infantry and artillery do not pair with in terms of attack, just moving the artillery piece, since Motorized Infantry is now know as a armored class unit after upgrading.

    Mechanized Infantry can NOT pull artillery either, right?

    Like how the system kind of makes you buy a variety of units to make the bonuses work if I am correct in my assumptions.

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    I had the same questions before.
    Yes artillery pairs up with any type of infantry even militia if its possible.

    Looked it up again I’ll post a link with the designers answer for motorized (infantry with cargo trucks). We only count these as armour class regarding transport capacity, and allow it to pair with artillery in a house rule. As mentioned in the link below. Trucks take more room on ships

    As for mechanized infantry (infantry with armoured vehicles) question, they can not tow artillery or anti aircraft artillery. Rather they get to pair with tanks for a blitz instead.

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    I’ll make more of an effort to do the searches.

    Thank you!

  • Yes, you often can’t have it both ways.

    Take the Japanese for example, upgrading your Infantry to Motorized makes perfect sense in China. But besides loosing the ability to pair with Artillery for attack, you also loose the ability to transport them on your destroyers.

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