• There seems to be a mistaken impression on these boards that internet play with Hasbro’s A&A CD game is dead.

    http://www.axisandalliesworldclub.com is a very active club devoted to playing Hasbro’s A&A CD over the internet.  We have patches that address some of the bugs in the game, as well fixing the problem it had with DirectX versions above 8.1.

    We play on the WarZone, a replacement for the MSN Gaming Zone we wrote ourselves, which can be downloaded at http://home.centurytel.net/khb/aa/WarZone.html .

    On weeknights we average about 30 players looking for a game at any give time, with 60+ on weekends.  We have various ratings systems, team and league play, and various different rulesets we use.

    We’d invite any of you with Hasbro A&A CD-ROM to come join us.  The site is run by dedicated A&A players, and of course is completely free.

  • Boy that sound like fun.  Thanks for telling us about this club.  I have checked it out at it seems like there are lots of players there.  I also checked out their message board and War Zone.  A very well put together on-line CD club.  I also found out that you do not need to be a member of the club to use the War Zone for on-line CD play.  This place really is great.

  • yes I agree

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