Starting moves for CP - upcoming game 29th of March

  • Ya… I read his post like:
    We played for eight hours…
    Here’s how all of turn-1 went…
    Then the Allies surrendered…

    I figured I must have missed something!  :-D

    6 or 7 turns in 8 hours sounds a lot better than 1 turn in 8 hours!  Now it all makes more sense!

    I love WW1 history almost as much as WW2 history… but dang, there’s only so many hours in a day… our group stopped playing Global because it was too time consuming and we switched to “mini global” (aka: Anniversary Edition).

  • You should really try out this wonderful game, me and 3/4 friends play this game on a regular base like once in a month. However we said it is time to change teams/factions because we have played 5 times as Central Powers and won 4 of it, they only win once. Excited to play as the Allies :) they do have a good starting point because they know the Axis tactics thanks to us.

    Anyone want to try out my first round of CP tactics? I had a great experience and would love to hear your stories.

  • Glad to hear you had a good game. I also love 1914, in particularly finding the differences to reflect WW1 conditions fascinating.

  • Has anyone tried my tactic page 1 and 2?

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