• There is a epic game now on kickstarter about the Vietnam war, with more than 800 minis!! A realistic simulation, seems like a great wargame!

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    Find discussions about this game here: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?board=36.0


  • They still need some backers to make it come real, and not everybody is reading the Alternative Forums. OK so bottom line, even if Vietnam had nothing to do with our A&A WWII game, this game do have a lot of miniatures that can be used in our A&A game as neutrals or Techs. So have a look into it, please. I am begging you, man.

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    I’d love to jump into something like this, but I just don’t have the money on hand to swing this.

    The base, base pledge is $135, but to really get the whole thing you have to pledge $180. Plus shipping, the pledge levels listed are just for the game itself. And if you want the rules to solo this, you have to spend another $85, for a total of $265.

    Nope, I just do not have that kind of money just laying around, waiting for a kickstarter campaign to sweep me off my feet. Sorry.


  • What is interesting is that, for the ton of game pieces this game offers (in addition to all the other bonus items), there’ll not likely be so much offered this inexpensively anytime soon (if ever); there’s simply no escaping the cost of producing so many unique and individual game pieces.

    Even Hasbro doesn’t attempt it (which is why they only offer a minuscule variety of sculptures for their games), so this game is actually a flat out bargain for what you get, whichever edition.


  • Just think if they put all these units types in a WW1 game or Barbarossa, or Civil War Game…

  • Love your avatar, by the way, Imperious Leader. I just finished watching the entire five seasons of Combat! a few months ago (took me forever to finish! I would watch an episode each night at dinner time).

    Best episode, I think, is Hills are for Heroes.

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    Just think if they put all these units types in a WW1 game or Barbarossa, or Civil War Game…

    Yeah, but it wouldn’t get released 'till Domesday.

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