How many Players is the perfect number for Axis and Allies?

  • spliting russa seems like a way to cause a fight or force the allies to loose.  Anything with two heads is a freak.  If I am playing with 4 players, we just draw for countries and one allied player gets two unless all allies are drawn.  Then whoever gets the axis power plays the other.

  • I find that playing only one ally is pretty boring (specifically the UK). Nowadays we usually all just form a team and don’t have individual countries. As long as everyone is on the same level of play it pretty much works out, and if there are any disagreements you can always consult the die to arbitrate. We usually have a designated roller for each country just so we can claim the largest snake-eyes roller, but otherwise a country’s actions are a teams decision.

    While you may think…


    Anything with two heads is a freak.

    I would agree. I think what most people need to realize is that the axis and the allies are each a “thing”, and playing either of them with two heads, let alone three, is going to result in a problem. If not socially, than certainly tactically.

    Of course, it’s always fun to have your very own country that you make all decisions about, but I assure you that germany buying 2 bombers every round is likely to upset me as japan more than me being able to call him an idiot for 30 minutes before he makes that buy.  :evil:

  • I, of course was assuming that all the people playing are on the same level.  What I hate is when you have 3 allied players but one guy tells everybody what to do.  I understand that table talk is allowed.  It has to be for this game to work, but each player should be able to make their own decisions.  I guess that’s why if I’m going to get down and serious about a game of AA I go for two players.  If I’m going for a good time, well 4 or 5 works for me.

  • 2!

    then you are always busy doing something…
    calculating odds, determing what to buy next,…
    you always focus on the game…

    when you’re with 3,4 or 5… then it’s getting really boring…
    so you start doing totally different things and aren’t thinking about axis&allies at all…
    you get distracted more easily…

  • No one in the group I play with (a pool of 10 or so, lets say) ever gets bored. We all stare and drool at the board regardless if we are playing teams or not. Maybe, triforce, you play with a bunch of spineless people, and your coalition is run by a dictator (which would be appropo for the axis). I tend to play with people who see logic and can make reasonable arguments about why X is good and Y is bad. Sometimes I am the X, sometimes I am the Y.

  • 2. I’ve tried playing with five. But unfortuneately most of my friends have short attension spans. So I just play against one now.

  • i like 5 since i dont get to play very often and this makes it more of a social event where we can all talk friendly trash to each other.  we also avoid blatant suggestions “buy 3 transports and two infantry, move these pieces here and these there” because then they become nothing but a dice roller.  it is more like “hey jap buddy, get your butt into asia as fast as you can, i’ll meet you in moscow!”

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