Vietnam extra miniatures wargame POLL (First Round!)

  • Hello everyone,

    We are seeking opinions and feedback from gamers to select which additional types of miniatures are to be ADDED to “The War in Vietnam” game that is up on Kickstarter right now.

    The War in Vietnam is already 1/3 funded in just over a week, so the creator (that’s me) and the designer would like to include even more sculpts in the game for free! (in addition to the 800+ the game already offers.) Please let us know your preferences.

    Poll Rules: Anybody here on A& can vote (even if you’re not pledging to get any game), and you can select up to seven (7) choices that you think would be neat additions. Remember, these will be added to the game’s 800+ miniatures free for backers of the campaign.

    Suggestions: If you are unfamiliar with any of the miniatures we’ve listed for this poll, we encourage you to read about them on Wikipedia or so (All miniatures are historic, of course.) Besides learning some interesting things along the way, you may decide that something is really cool that you hadn’t considered.

    Results: The poll will run for one week, but you can see the results as the poll goes along if you vote! You may also change your mind and change your votes if you wish (after, perhaps, you’ve read more about this or that helicopter or tank or whatever), and you can change your votes as many times as you’d like. After this poll is finished, we’ll do another poll (Round Two) to see who the finalists are! (which gives you another chance to modify your votes based on what wins Round One).  8-)

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • Will your pieces be in the same scale and size as the A&A pieces ?

  • Yes, just about.

  • Follow up question, will all this new pieces be added to all the editions ?

    I plan to just back the Gold edition because I want all the pieces, and I dont care for the computer game. So, will I get this extra miniatures with the Gold ?

  • Yes, every edition would get all the extra and new pieces (even the base edition!)

    Thanks for backing the game!

  • Your welcome.

    If you make the Australian and ROK marine sculpt, will it be in green, or another color ? If it dont cost too much, I suggest same color as the A&A ANZAC units, for multiple purposes

  • Because of the way the castings are arranged, the Aussie could be gray (on the same cast as all the other gray units, like the aircraft carriers, the WW3 game’s British and Bund pieces, etc.), or simply olive green like the Americans (or possibly light green like the ARVN, although that might confuse it with the ARVN.) The only way to actually have another color is if we had a whole bunch of figures to do in that color (an unfortunate reality of the manufacturing process) :-)

  • Aussie as gray is great, I like that

  • At least he would be distinct.

  • Well I must say that the poll is very interesting so far.

    At the moment, the frontrunners are:

    AH-1 Cobra
    US Marine
    Vietnamese Village
    H-34 Helicopter
    Army Ranger
    Viet Cong extra type
    Earthen bunker
    Australian and ROK Marine

    However, the 155mm howitzer and M-50 Ontos are right behind.

    Poll still has five days to go!

    Thanks for participating,

  • Thank you for making the game

  • Oh, you bet! I am excited to bring to this to everybody.

    New ads will be going up this weekend, and I’ll have a new video on the Kickstarter page tomorrow (with any luck).

  • I am now a Platinum backer with some FAQs.

    I see you got this poll at too, but with 100 voters, so were you adding our votes from here, or how are you gonna sort this out. Not a big issue, since what is in here is in there too. That Cobra chopper rule

    I like your Entry at Boardgamegeek, but you could add some videos, and not the dull one from Kickstarter. Only 3 weeks to go and I want this game to happen, so how about putting together some nice video with lots of miniatures and that map from the playtesting ? I know what turns boardgamers on, and its not listening to a voice for 15 minutes while looking at the same picture. Only 3 weeks to go, man

    That extra 1973 WWIII game looks intriguing, how many pieces are you gonna put in there ? Maybe even let that game have its own Entry at BGG, to pick up the WWIII fans and tell them they got an extra Vietnam war game if they back the 1973 game ? Just brain storming here

    Zombies are populare this days. A&A is gonna add zombies, Risk did it, Monopoly did it, Boardgamegeek is packed with new zombie games Entrys. How about adding an optional zombie unit, and sell this game in with the younger players ? Money is money, we just want this to happen.

  • Narvik,

    Firstly, thank you for backing the game!

    As to the poll, yes, I have different polls out to gauge different preferences (and it’s just a matter of adding them all up). There are the backers (like you) and then there is the general public of gamers who have no vested interest in the game, per se. Kinda like the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ sort of thing. It is interesting, the various polls are very close to each other.

    And, guess what, as a backer, you now get to vote twice! (the poll here and the poll once you actually back the game!)  :wink:

    Regarding the video, yes, I have a new video planned. Hopefully it will be up by this evening, as a matter of fact.

    As to BGG, I actually sent them of a bunch of images and the like, but they’re not exactly greased lightning as to when they get things up, and probably they’re even slower on the weekend. But more is coming, yes indeed!

    Great idea about the WW3 game! I will do that (making its own BGG entry); thanks for the suggestion. It’ll probably take BGG a week to get that up, too, but better late than never. Great idea. That game will have a couple hundred pieces.

    As to zombies, I’m going to stay well clear of that. I’m not involved with this game because of the money (that’s what it’s so cheap for all the stuff you get); I’m doing it because I am involved with Vietnam veterans projects in my personal time, and I just find the war very interesting for a number of reasons; this game is a chance to present the war in a game setting that anyone can play and actually understand the war while having a good time.

    By the way, for anyone that does like zombies, I can recommend a good old classic movie called The Last Man on Earth (starring Vincent Price). One of the first zombie movies made, but still a good movie even these days. That’s about as far into zombies as I get, but a decent little movie.

    Eric  :-D

  • I will be backing this at the end of the month. Just gotta see how much money I spend on vacation to see what level to back at

  • Greatly appreciated. Everybody has until the last week of March when the Kickstarter campaign ends, so that might give you some time.

    Even still, my man, prioritize that vacation! Life is short and you’ve got to enjoy it while you can.  8-)

  • Customizer

    Jane Fonda mini. Boosts effectiveness of VC anti-aircraft.


  • Aha!  :-D

    There IS a Hanoi Jane event card in the Communist’s event deck!

  • That’s great to hear!

    This game is unique in that the topic is the designer’s singular passion, so it’s not merely the next variant, ya know. You walk away from each turn feeling like you have the secret new understanding of the Vietnam War.

    I’ve designed and developed a lot of games professionally, but I had never quite seen a game like this, one that is simple and yet also historically accurate. Wargames should have been designed like this from the beginning.


  • Customizer


    Aha!   :-D

    There IS a Hanoi Jane event card in the Communist’s event deck!

    Any chance of a Marlon Brando?

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