Is 2017 ver. Anniversary Edition limited too?

  • First I’m a korean(of course, south.) and I’m not good at english writing. sorry.

    Hello, I’m a new player of A&A Series.

    I played A&A few time with my friend and the game is too fun, I determine buy one.

    But I have a question for 2017 ver. anniversary edition

    Is 2017 ver. anniversary Edition Limited too? or always sale item?

    If it is not limited, I want buy 1940 edition first. But it isn’t, I think I should buy anniversary edition first.

    Thank you for answer.

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    Hi BFaith

    Welcome to the Boards ! I’m not sure how long Anniversary will be available. Imo, you can’t go wrong purchasing one. That way you’ll have it 🙂

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    Welcome to our humble forum.

    The 2017 printing of Axis & Allies, Anniversary Edition was a limited print run. If you are trying to decide which to buy first, buy the Anniversary Edition first. Once the stocks are sold, it will be gone. The 1940 games will still be there after you buy Anniversary, but I don’t know how long you can wait before Anniversary will be gone for good.


  • Thank you so much guys!

    I purchase Anniversary Edition just now!

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    Great purchase and you are one step closer to Global!

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