• Hello.

    I am French. And I am a new player.

    I have one question : Who can explain me the system of bid in Anniversary Edition ?

    I read a lot of posts on the subject on the forum but I don’t really understand how it works…

    The goal is to help the allies but how ?

    Thank for the answers

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    Hello, Vido, and welcome!

    To play with a bid, give the Allied team some money (“Industrial Production Credits,” or IPCs) before the game starts. The Allies can choose which player or players will get the money. Those players can then spend the money to buy units that get placed onto the game board before the game starts. Or, the players can keep the money and spend it on a later turn. It is their choice.

    For example, suppose the Allies get a bid of 10 IPCs. The Allies decide to split the money up so that Russia gets 6 IPCs and Britain gets 4 IPCs. Russia could decide to place one submarine on the board (submarines cost 6 IPCs), or Russia could place two infantry on the board (infantry cost 3 IPCs each), or Russia could simply save the money and use it later. Britain could decide to put an extra artillery on the board (artillery costs 4 IPCs), or to put an infantry on the board and save 1 IPC, or to simply save all of the money.

    There are sometimes some additional rules about where you can place units (often only where you already have at least one unit) and how much the bid should be (often based on a competitive auction), but those are the basics.

    The larger the bid, the more generously you are helping the Allies. For example, a bid of 30 IPCs is very large and suggests that either you think the game is biased in favor of the Axis or that the Axis players are more skillful than the Allied players and so the Allied players will need a lot of help. A bid of 5 IPCs is very small and suggests that you think the game is pretty close to balanced even without a bid and so the Allies do not need much help.

  • Hello.

    Thank you for the answer !

    I need clarification :

    Who sets the auction amount ? For example 10 IPC, 30 IPC or 5 IPC ?

    Who play the Allies ? The player who makes the smallest bid ?

  • Thst is right, if you do it as an auction, each side bidding against the other .
    If you know you will play two games , swapping sides, it does not matter as much.

  • Thank you for the answer.

    Do you have to set a high limit on auctions ?

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    Generally it’s a descending bid.  For example, the first player bids 20 (20 ipc in units to Allies), the next player bids 19, and so on, until one side or the other isn’t willing to bid any lower for Allies.

    As I recall, an appropriate bid in a competitive context was around 9-15 ipcs (in placed bid units) for Allies.

    But such a high bid might not be necessary between less experienced players.

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    Thank you for the answer.

    Do you have to set a high limit on auctions ?

    For a first couple games, I’d play with no bid at all. Have one (side/team/person) first play one side and then swap sides. That will help the players involved learn just how much bid they want to have in the future. Bids are more for when competitive players who know how to play the game sit down to rumble. If you just want to play a game one off, just have the experienced players play the Allies and the inexperienced play the Axis.

    My 2 IPCs, anyways.


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