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    The following are posting guidelines and recommendations. Trader beware. Axis and Allies.org and online moderator team have no control over trades. We will not and cannot be involved in the trade process.

    1. Post your wants and your haves in new topics in this forum. Be as specific as possible with the names of the pieces you want/have to avoid any ambiguity.

    2. Try to conduct as much of the actual trading as possible in private messages. Indicating that you have sent a private message in the topic is acceptable.

    3. When you have agreed upon terms, exchange your shipping information, phone numbers, email addresses, and whatever else you need to exchange to conduct the transaction.

    4. Always use delivery confirmation when mailing. It’s only $0.60 and free if you are sending Priority Mail.

    5. Kids, don’t trade online. Ask for your parents to do this for you. According to the T&C, you’re not allowed to trade without your parents anyway.

    6. Always, the Administrators, Moderators, or other Personnel of www.axisandallies.org are not responsible for any trades made between parties on this board.

    7. Be even more wary of people that have zero or very few other posts on the forums. If you have very few posts in the forums and want to trade, I encourage you to participate in the discussions.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    “How to Trade Safely Online”

    “What Do I Do If I’m Ripped Off?”

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