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    And funded !  :-D

    J.  8-)

  • Wow, how about that!

    I’ll re-post a sentiment that I commented about on the KS page, that it is my abiding passion to make sure this game is as perfect as possible, with immeasurably beautiful components, easy to read and play rules, no errata, thoroughly playtested, and simply the beneficiary of my and the designer’s passion to make this game stellar.

    We didn’t bring this game to light for the sake of simply producing a product to sell; oh no, we have a passion for the subject, and we want the game to be as bad ass as you do, and that’s exactly what we intended to do. Easy to play and without blemish, I’ve been working on games professionally for years and have all the experience to know how to cross every t and dot every i.  :-D

    Thanks to all for your support, backing, and faith; you’ll be astounded at what you’ll get on your front door when we deliver!

    Thanks again,

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