• I’ve been giving some thought to an equalizer to replace the bidding system. While a good idea, I never found it to truly equalize the powers, too high a bid and the Axis will certainly win, a smidge of poor dice luck and the bid is worthless, and a ow bid doesn’t realy change the usual Allies-swing.

    So what about disallowing round 1 combat, income, and placement moves? Let each country move their units in non-combat phases once before starting the game. Japan could reinforce Asia, Russia could move infantry to the Japanese front and get more infantry into the German front lines, where needed, America could put its Pacific fleet together more effectively, but so could Japan, the UK could rearrange Africa defesively, but Germany could also transport extra troops to that front.

    It opens a lot of possibilities, but what do you veterans think? Good idea bad idea?

  • My intial reaction is a thumbs down.  I’ve seen it stated elsewhere that a mandatory 9 IPC bid for the axis has lead to nearly a 50/50 split in axis wins vs allied wins

  • My friends and I do no bidding. We draw countries out of a hat, and roll dice to see which NAs each power gets. The number of NAs is agreed upon beforehand. This has thrown a real eliment of chance into how each war will play out.

  • Bidding is only needed when you overpower the allies by making the game basicaly a race towards moscow.
    Since allies can easy slow down germany and japan a few turn economic power will kick in.

    The bigest problem for the axis is that the allies can focus completely on 1 and do optimal moves to defeat that 1 power if you remove that option from the allies players it becomes pretty balanced. So in stead of bidding dont allow the allies to focus all on germany/japan but force them to spread out.

  • 2007 AAR League

    You want to replace the bidding system, by allowing an extra NC move before the game begin?

    That sounds strange. If you want to eliminated the bidding system, just adjust the starting forces of the Axis, up to a point where the game becomes ‘even’.

    My recommendation, to make the game even, would be to:

    Add 2 extra inf, to be placed in UKR and +6 Starting IPC to Germany.


    Add 3 extra inf in UKR.

  • You can alternatively play with 8VC and it will be doable. Just add a smal rule that the VC needs to be controlled for a whole turn iso checking just after US.
    Uk cant pull out of india for afrika.
    USSR is almost forced to help india from the start and defend karrelia
    UK barely has time to build up and needs to focus on keeping karrelia safe.
    US is pressured to help either russia or go pacific in order to get some VC there.

    Yes you can take india the first turn but 2 inf and 4 fig 1 bomb vs 5 inf 1 AA and 3 fig ( 4 if germany did not attack egypt ) is not verry favorable.

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