• Hi,

    We have a question how airplanes on a carrier can defend themselves.

    Assume the following scenario:

    1. An American aircraft carrier has one fighter on deck.
    2. The American aircraft carrier is attacked by three Japanese cruisers. All cruisers miss with their first strikes.
    3. The American aircraft carrier and the fighter can now defend themselves. And here comes the question:

    If the fighter defends against the three cruisers, will the cruisers have the right to fire all their AAAs? That would mean that they can roll 3x3 = 9 dices, which is pretty heavy fire for the single defending fighter.

    Are there other options/rules?
    Can the figher decide to not defend and avoid the cruisers’ AAAs?
    Can the fighter select one cruiser to defend against, and only fight against one AAA?
    Or will the cruisers loose their AAA capabilities when the fighter defends?

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    Cruisers don’t have any AAA-capabilities. What are you referring to?

    The Carrier and the Fighter (defending in the air) each have a shot against the attackers according to their respective defense value (2 and 4).

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